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PQOTD-Building the Ulitmate Miami Dolphins Roster Phinsider Style Edition- Cornerbacks- No Need For A Poll Round!

Patrick Surtain

So for those of you that are following along, this is supposed to be the poll post for the nominations from last evening's post to select our top two cornerbacks. For those of you that are showing up at this post and do not know what I am talking about please go back and check out last evening's post HERE! As I stated last night I wanted everyone to nominate their top two choices for the best two cornerbacks that have ever played for our Miami Dolphins. The goal is to then add them to a poll and then select the top two from the top two vote-getters but as things have turned out only two players were nominated and thus there will be no need to vote on the top two selections it seems. Our top two and only nominations and thus the two winners are Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain. I honestly expected more of a debate as we have had a long list of quality guys at the cornerback position but in the end, this wound up about as simple as picking the center.

So to summarize where we are thus far on our selections for top all-time starting Miami Dolphins roster-

  • Head Coach- Don Shula
  • Quarterback-Dan Marino
  • Center- Dwight Stephenson
  • Cornerbacks- Sam Maddison and Patrick Surtain

I will return tomorrow evening with a nominations post for the next position to be selected!