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PQOTD-Building the Ulitmate Miami Dolphins Roster Phinsider Style Edition- Cornerbacks!

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

I would first like to apologize for not having a post up last evening. Over a two and a half-day period I had to drive to Fort Worth from Houston, to San Antonio from Fort Worth, from San Antonio to Houston, then to Fort Worth from Houston, and then back to Houston. By the time that I rolled in here, finally getting home and thus done running all over Texas it was already past time to get the post up and I was spent. Had a couple of cocktails with the wife and crashed for the evening after having no sleep for nearly three days.

So our little site project will finally pick back up. For anyone that might have missed it, I explained the theory and or process HERE of what we were doing, building the ultimate Miami Dolphins all-time starting roster. I do think that I could have explained it a bit better as we are looking for the best players to ever play each position and just have a best-of-all-time starting roster and not a full 53 man roster of players. We also, or I guess I started the project with the idea that we did not need to vote on the best all-time head coach or quarterback, despite the fact that there might be some out there that would for whatever belief or reason pick someone else besides Don Shula and Dan Marino there was zero chance that those two would not just run away with the final voting.

I guess we all suspected similar results with the position of center, our first position to nominate and vote on but at least I saw room there for a legitimate debate. But in the end, as suspected, Dwight Stephenson easily carried the vote with 640 total votes out of 831 (at least last time I checked) for a resounding 77 percent of the vote. The surprise for me was that Mike Pouncy came in second with 75 overall votes, beating out both the late great Jim Langer who received 66 overall votes, and the also very solid to great Tim Ruddy, who brought up the rear with 50 votes.

So tonight we will move onto the position of cornerback. This is one with far more candidates as the Miami Dolphins have had a lot of very good to great corners over their history. Instead of doing this just from my point of view on each player, I will look for lists of players and one of the better sites for lists is Ranker allows any fan to come in and vote on all sorts of various things like the best cornerback to ever play for the Miami Dolphins. So I will again give you a list of top corners, for if no other reason than to serve as an exercise to jog everyone’s memory about different players as us older guys can remember a lot more of these players but we could all use a jog of the memory every now and again and also it gives the younger guys that never got the chance to see some of these other guys play or may not of ever even heard of some of these guys to see the names and perhaps do some research of their own.

As far as research I encourage everyone to do their own research as we can all always learn something new. Like before, if you don’t see your “guy” on the list you can still nominate anyone you wish so long as they have played corner for the Miami Dolphins at some point in their career. This is still the communities project so you get to decide and then vote on whoever was nominated. As every base defensive alignment includes two corners I will select the top two vote-getters for our project. If there is a tie, for whatever reason, for the second-place finisher I will then the following day separate out the top three finishers to get us down to our top two. I will not do a full breakdown of every player listed as I am still a bit time restrained today having been gone for a bit from home. Once again, please do your research if you have any questions as to who a guy is or why he is on this list. Wikipedia is always a good and easy source and is an excellent resource for looking up any individual player's stats.

So on to our list-

(Note: these are ranked in order alphabetically by their last name)

  1. J.B. Brown
  2. Terrell Buckley
  3. Nolan Carroll
  4. Vonte Davis
  5. Tim Foley
  6. Brent Grimes
  7. Xavian Howard
  8. Curtis Johnson
  9. William Judson
  10. Paul Lankford
  11. Sam Maddison
  12. Bobby McCain
  13. Sean Smith
  14. Patrick Surtain
  15. Troy Vincent

As I will select the top two also feel free to give us your top two nominations below-