2021 NFL Draft Re-Do (ALREADY)

I'm sorry guys

gotta itch

had to scratch

just took a look back and i feel the need to lay out some names for a draft re-do

#6 overall - i'm taking Penei Sewell with this selection: i'm sorry, but for us to overthink this was the one spot i felt may come back to bite us.. not only was/is Penei Sewell the best player available, but he was a clear need for us to upgrade an already young & developing offensive line group; this pick pumps in immediate talent and star power on an offensive line that still has real questions surrounding every starter from Left to Right... Penei supplies us with a for sure protector of our QB (not to mentioned he would've easily transitioned to his blindside)

#18 overall - i like what Miami did in selecing Jaelen Phillips: he slid so we took the most explosive pass rusher in the NFL Draft.. i still have my reservations about his injury history, but optimistic that he will overcome those in the pros... Jaelen + Ogbah + AVG = Presh!!! i'm riding with this pick

#36 overall - i'm sticking with the Jevon Holland selection: after missing out on Javonte Williams, at the time, i was ALL in on selecting Teven Jenkins out of Oklahoma State when we whiffed on Penei Sewell with that 6th pick... but now in this draft re-do, we got our Tackle now lets get another playmaker in the secondary... Holland is an A1 instinctual athlete and will provide us with a better last-line-of-defense over a Bobby McCain... I like this pick for our defense

#42 overall - if we're trading so much for a selection, it better be for a guy that you know will make an immediate impact.. Terrace Marshall Jr. would've been my guy right here: i think i may have been much higher on him than most.. if not for anything else.. i just love how he handled his role in a crowded WR room at LSU... with him being selected here; i see this as an opportunity to take claim to the WR1 spot he always felt like he should've had at LSU... and with similar player-types/styles in DVP & Prez Williams (routinely injured) he definitely would've taken that bull by the horns... all re-dos aside i see T Marsh doing damage in this league sooner than later

#81 overall - forget getting a TE of the future or even selecting a fellow BC Graduate for Flores' ego... get me the best runner of the football available to boost a below average RB Room in Miami.. i'll take Kenneth Gainwell at this position: super versatile, super polished, and always looks eager to make that play... it would've been a dream to get a player of this caliber that brings his own juice to the party; we may look back on this and say, "Damn" when we see how he plays in Philly soon

that's as far as i'll go for the draft re-do

only my preferences

stay safe out here Phins Fans

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