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The Phinsider Carnival | A Miami Dolphins game

Where we all distract ourselves from the lack of football games with games about football

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Greetings earthlings. Long time, no me waste your time. Prepare to get wasted.

Nothing is happening right now. Not for another less than 16 days until training camp.

So I thought I’d try to encourage some community engagement with an old-fashioned mindless game. You can call it ‘EgregiousPhilbin’s Game of Games’, and Ellen can see me about it.

If it pulls us all out of the hopeless doldrums of football-less summer, we can come up with more. If it makes us sadder by reminding us that we have but one life to live and we’re spending it doing this, I’ll disappear into the ether like Tom Brady’s integrity. *poof*

This is the quickest and dumbest game I could think of.

Build a Player

Ripping directly from the Doug Loves Movies podcast, the rules are simple: take a player’s name and add another player’s name to it.

Example: Jerome Baker Mayfield

Add as many names to the string as you can.

That’s it.

It’s so stupidly simple it hurts.

See how many you can come up with—bonus points for Dolphins. My current best is 7. Trounce my score in the comments.

I’m bored. Become unbored with me.