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FILM | Every 15+ yard reception by Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki in 2020

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

During the lull between now and the 2021 NFL season, I plan to chip away at my laundry list of things to do. One of the tasks I hoped to achieve this offseason is to build out my YouTube channel, bringing you more cut-ups and film breakdowns than ever before.

Earlier this week, I showcased every touch from Myles Gaskin’s 2020 season. Now, I’m taking a page out of Marcus Mosher’s book and bringing you every 15+ yard reception from Mike Gesicki’s 2020 season.

Before we look at this short film, let me remind you of what Mike Gesicki did last season.

Through 15 games, Gesicki caught 53 of 85 targets (62.4%) for 703 yards (9.4 YPC) and 6 touchdowns. Most importantly, we started to watch him evolve into one of the league’s top receiving tight ends. (Top-10 in yards and second in scoring)

The question for Gesicki isn’t whether he’s deserving of a new contract—because he is. It’s whether or not the Dolphins can invest a new contract on a tight end when other players on the roster seek new deals. And let’s not pretend like the Dolphins didn’t just draft Boston College tight end Hunter Long, in the third round. They also have a decision to make on Durham Smythe.

My point is Mike Gesicki is only getting better. We see it in his route-running and ability to create separation when matched up one vs one. But for as good of a player as he’s starting to become, it’s not necessarily a forgone conclusion that Chris Grier and the Dolphins will have the resources to offer him the contract he may think he’s worth. Because let’s face it, #ELITE tight ends are changing the game. And while you can sit here and argue with your mother over whether or not Mike Gesicki fits the bill, I personally would try to find a way to get the 6’6 oFFeNsIvE ChEsS PiEcE locked up long-term.

Again, it might be more of a luxury signing, but the Dolphins offense is much better with Mike Gesicki than without.

For those of you looking to see what Mike Gesicki did in each game last season, here’s a look at Mike Gesicki’s 2020 game log per Pro Football Reference.

Pro Football Reference

So without further ado, A South by Southwest original short film:

Every 15+ yard reception from Miami Dolphins Tight End Mike Gesicki’s 2020 Season.

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What are your thoughts on Miami Dolphins’ tight end Mike Gesicki? Is he worthy of a new deal? Should he be one of the primary focal points of Miami’s new-look offense? Could Miami maximize his current value and seek a trade partner? Let us know in the comments section below!