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Eric Rowe Vows to Slay Darren Waller

Man alive, we’re 98 days away from the regular season, and these Miami Dolphins, YOUR Miami Dolphins, have already got my engine going. It’s June 4th, and nothing is really going on besides the typical Pro -Tua people and Anti-Tua people looking to have an all-out war against each other internet style while the logical, rational folks like myself who think we need to see more of him for an entire season shake our heads at the ridiculousness.

Summer is right around the corner, and enjoy it, I will, but comments like this by Eric Rowe make me feel things.

Obviously, it’s nice that Rowe acknowledges that he got torn apart by Darren Waller the day after Christmas last year. You know that game against the Raiders where nothing out of this world happened at the tail-end of that contest. Rowe knows he got taken to task. We knew it then, and we remember it now, and it still hurts to think how Waller had his way with him. Waller went for 5 grabs for 112 yards, many of those catches with Rowe lined up on him.

There’s no shame getting lit up by an elite tight end who might be the best mismatch in professional football. Actually, it’s downright understandable. But kudos to Rowe for accepting defeat and choosing to avenge that performance by putting Waller in a vice grip. Can he actually contain Waller for an entire game? Who knows. We’ll find out in week three when Miami travels to Sin City to play the Raiders.

I want to think that Rowe will have a better chance of keeping Waller in check due to having a more potent pass-rushing attack. With the edition of Jaelan Phillips and the expectation of Ogbah, AVG, Wilkins, Seiler stepping their game up along with the possibility of Melvin Ingram getting signed, opposing teams’ receivers should have less time to get open. Not that Rowe is asking for help, it’s still nice to think now anyway that the boys upfront should have a decent amount of opportunities to neutralize Waller themselves.

Either way, I love that Rowe is seemingly thinking about nothing else than Darren Waller. I hope he has plans to train with the images of Waller going up over him running through his brain. Those images being used as fuel to conquer the man that hurt him should be all he needs to run up a snowy mountain and yell out Waller’s name. 98 days, that’s all. We can do it. I promise you we can do it.

By the Way- Sorry this is a day late. Life stuff got in the way.

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