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Dolphins 2021 roster breakdown: Quarterbacks

Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

We are about a month away from the start of the Miami Dolphins’ 2021 training camp. A lot will change between now and the start of the regular season, including camp, preseason games, injuries, and roster moves. While the 91 players on the roster today may not be the same 91 players who the Dolphins carry into camp or throughout the preseason, the vast majority of the names on the list should be around the team all summer.

Previously, we took a look at the Dolphins’ roster and attempted to build the 53-man roster and identify where the roster bubble is. Now, we are going to take a closer look at each position group to get a better idea of who is on the roster, who could make it to the active roster in September, and where Miami might have a hole - or possibly have more talent than they can possibly keep.

We are going to start at the quarterback position, though there is not a lot of discussion needed with this group.


Jacoby Brissett (28, 6th year)
Reid Sinnett (24, 1st year)
Tua Tagovailoa (23, 2nd year)


This is a really easy roster group to break down. Tagovailoa, the 2020 fifth-overall draft pick, is the team’s starting quarterback. Miami needs to see improvement from their second-year quarterback, but that is a true statement for every second-year player. Tagovailoa finished last year with 1,814 passing yards on a 64.1 percent completion rate and a 6.3 yards per attempt average. He threw for 11 touchdowns with five interceptions and finished the season with an 87.1 passer rating in ten games played, including nine starts.

Free-agent acquisition Brissett gives Miami a veteran backup with starting experience in case something happens to Tagovailoa. He spent the last four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, appearing in 11 games last year, but only threw eight passes, two complete, for 17 yards. In his career, including the 2016 season with the New England Patriots, Brissett has thrown for 6,459 yards on a 59.6 percent completion rate and a 6.6 yards per attempt average. He has 31 career touchdowns and 13 interceptions in 49 games played including 32 starts.

The coaching staff seems to like Sinnett, but he needs development time, so a return to the practice squad seems the most likely destination for him.

Depth Chart Projection

53-man roster:
Tua Tagovailoa - starter
Jacoby Brissett - backup

Practice squad:
Reid Sinnett