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Phinsider Question Of The Day- Wednesday 06/16/2021 Edition

Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

So now that we are into the first “mandatory” camp of the offseason we are starting to see a few things from this team. One thing we now know for sure is that Xavian Howard is serious about wanting a new deal and has thus held out of this camp to exhibit his displeasure with a deal that he signed only a little over a year ago. Oh did I mention that it was a record-breaking deal at the time? I don’t know what this will cost him per his contract but he and his agent clearly believe that this is a game worth playing. As cutthroat as this front office can be when you do not seem to clearly be on board with what they are doing or trying to accomplish as a team, and I know this is different because it’s all about money, but they are still cutthroat and your level of talent means little to them when you do not buy-in to the “plan”.

I do not know if the front office and or coaches see this as not honoring his deal and thus not buying into the team concept or if they just shrug it off at this point as part of the business assuming that the money crunchers will figure it out and he will be back soon enough. Either way, it’s not a good thing for Howard to not be in any of the camps as he should be looked at by now as one of the leaders on the team, and at this point, I have zero idea if this means anything for his future or if it means nothing and he just eventually shows up and plays, perhaps with something as simple as a promise to sit down and discuss his deal following the 2021 season, assuming that he still plays up to the high level that he exhibited last season.

Beyond that Tua has struggled on one day and then shined on another. We have seen this in the past with Tannehill and while some of us still wish they had just held onto Ryan and built around him others still think shipping him away for not a lot was the correct choice so we will see what happens with Tau but I assume this is the “show us something to hang our long term hopes on” season in 2021 or the team will likely be forced to move on and begin the search for the next “franchise quarterback” for the 100th or so time.

Others on the roster have shown improvement or at least we are being told that others have made a great deal of improvement. Having been a fan of this team for as long as I can remember being alive, for over a half a century, I have always wanted to believe that the coaches are telling us what they truly believe and they most likely do believe it 99.99 percent of the time but being a long time Miami Dolphins fan also makes you a master of skepticism. We all want to remain positive and yet most of us, especially those of us that have lived a long damn time and suffered enough disappointment in this team in some single seasons to last a lifetime not to mention decades of it are more than practical to have a wait and see attitude on most everything that surrounds this team no matter how much we love the team or bleed aqua, orange, blue and white.

So with all of that in mind, the Phinsider Question Of The Day is what news that has come out of camp thus far has given you hope? What player's development are you most excited about as far as something that will make an impact on the play of the team in a tangible way? On, the flip side of that what player's development or lack thereof, that has shown itself in this camp worries you as to that player's long-term future as part of the master plan for this team going forward?

Give us your thoughts and ideas below-

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