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Phinsider Question Of The Day-Monday 06/14/2021 Edition

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

As every Miami Dolphins fan knows Phins star cornerback Xavian Howard was signed to an extension last off-season for what at the time made him the highest-paid corner in the NFL. Since that time more than one player, including one of his own teammates has surpassed his at the time record payday. So in typical NFL player fashion, he already wants a new deal. Considering that he outplayed some making more than him the argument for more money has its merits. So does the fact that he put his name on that contract and agreed to play for that price at the time.

My personal take for what it’s worth is that if I am the Miami Dolphins head office I call him into the office and tell him to show me that he can both stay healthy and ball out the same way for the second season in a row as well as stay out of the headlines in the offseason and we will then talk a new deal. At that point, the Dolphins can decide what they wish to do with Howard. Perhaps they will cave and give him more money this year. Who really knows? Perhaps given some questionable off-field issues, even if nothing became of any of it, he should wait another year before throwing a fit about the massive amount of money he already makes?

So my Phinsider Question Of The Day is would you like to see the Dolphins go ahead and extend Howard now to keep him as a Miami Dolphins and happy for the long term? Or are you like me opposed to giving a player a new deal just one year after giving him a huge pay raise if for no other reason than the horrible precedent that it sets? And further what happens after that? If he’s still disgruntled do you just make him play 2021 on the current deal and then look to deal him in the offseason? Maybe you have an entirely different idea than what I listed as to what the Phins should do with Howard now and into the future.

Let us know your thoughts below-

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