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Phinsider Radio show notes: Let’s talk about Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa

What is better than franchise quarterback talk in the offseason?

NFL: Miami Dolphins OTA Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

Phinsider Radio show notes for May 31, 2021.

Mike Gesicki defends his franchise quarterback

  • He’s coming into Year 2. He’s been around the guys now. He’s not just building relationships; now he’s boys with everybody.
  • It’s more of just coming in here and rather than learning everything new from scratch. Now he’s just picking up where he left off.
  • He’s fought back from that and he’s also dealt with people saying stupid, uneducated stuff about him that they’re not right about. So he’s dealing with that and he’s continuing to work and continuing to come in here each and every day, and I’m happy that he’s our quarterback.
  • I had the revelation that every quarterback is a warzone of takes.

Gesicki stats:

  • Rookie year — 22 receptions, 202 yards and no touchdowns.
  • Sophomore year — 51 receptions, 570 yards and five touchdowns
  • Junior year — 53 receptions, 703 yards and six touchdowns.
  • Year one to year two is about growth and year two into year three is about consistency.

Tagovailo’s rookie stats:

  • 64.1 competition percentage, 1,814 yards, 11 touchdowns and five interceptions.
  • Went six games without throwing an interception, intercepted when throwing to Jakeem Grant against the Chiefs.
  • Isaiah Ford played more than 50 percent of the snaps in six games for the Dolphins, including the last three.
  • Jakeem Grant played at least 50 percent of snaps in four games.
  • Preston Williams played at least 57 percent of snaps in every game before getting injured in week eight.
  1. Williams, I think is the biggest wildcard on this offense. I think it can go either way, but in junior year, like Gesicki, the focus is about consistency, limiting the drop issues, and hopefully staying healthy.
  • Mack Hollins played at least 20 percent of snaps in five games…. Does that number go down or up this season?
  1. 96 percent of snaps in week 16.

Tua talks:

  • In what ways would you say that your rookie season was not up to your season?

“I’d say in every aspect – getting to the line of scrimmage, getting that order of operation down, my cadence, pre-snap reads, my post-snap reads. Just the whole shebang with that. I felt I wasn’t comfortable during my rookie year. So I’m just working on a lot of those things in Year 2 to be better.”

Tua added he appreciates Gesicki’s defense, calling it appealing, but said he’s just been focused on improving.

“I think my hip feels 10 times better than it did last year and the confidence level for myself, I feel really confident coming into this second year after that injury two years ago.”

Why do your teammates see a higher comfort level from you this season?

“I would say that comes from having the first year under my belt, kind of going through the terminology of an NFL offense, going through Mike (linebacker) points, understanding what problems we have in certain runs and certain plays. Then also, I’ve been working a lot on trying to voice my opinions out and kind of be very vocal as a leader towards the guys in the huddle and then towards guys individually.”