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Phinsider Radio show notes: The 2021 NFL draft is over, what is next for the Miami Dolphins?

The start of the NFL season is still four months away.

Syndication: Indianapolis Robert Scheer/The Indianapolis Star via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Phinsider Radio show notes for April 27, 2021.

The 2021 NFL draft is in the books but the Miami Dolphins have only started to make roster moves.

Safely Malik Hooker is visiting the Dolphins.

  • 25, played for the colts since 2017 when he was drafted in the first round out of Ohio State.
  • He tore his Achilles in Week 2, has a bit of an injury history.
  • Tore his ACL and MCL in week 7 of his rookie year.
  • Bobby McCain, 28, would free nearly $6 million in space.
  • Eric Rowe, 29, would save nearly $5 million in cap space.
  • Signings no longer count towards the comp formula.
  • Brandon Jones looked solid last season and the Dolphins added Jevon Holland, the first safety taken in the draft.
  • Is this a position the Miami Dolphins may try to save money at?
  • Sacrifice the safeties make sense with great corners?
  • Malik tweeted: I Tried To Sneak On This Visit It Aint Work
  • I already like this guy’s personality and was a fan after watching a bit of film.

And now, going from back to front, we get to start with running backs.

  • Gerrid Doaks, running back out of Cincinnati in the seventh.
  • Not Najee Harris, nor Javonte Williams
  • Are the dolphins getting jumped, or are they just not willing to overspend at running back?
  • Doaks is a big dude, but may not even make the roster.
  • Will fight will Laird for the final spot, play behind Gaskin Ahmed and Brown, maybe practice squad in case of injuries.

Larenel Colemen allowed one sack last year, can play tackle or guard

  • Second-longest wingspan in the draft, I love the depth the Dolphins are putting together on the offensive line.
  • I think this is the deepest depth on the offensive line that we’ve seen the group in some time.
  • Practice squad likely, buttttttt injures do happen.

Hunter Long, 81 overall in the third round

  • If the Dolphins have no sixth and fifth-round picks, but five picks in rounds 1-3, sign me up!
  • Traded their fifth-round pick for a fourth-round pick #investing.
  • Somewhat of a surprise here for the Dolphins, but shouldn’t be.
  • This team set franchise records in tight end receptions, yards and touchdowns last year.
  • Led FBS in catches, played for Miami’s coaching staff at the senior bowl
  • I think we spoke about this on the pod, the senior bowl might have been better for the later rounds
  • Dolphins keeping four tight ends?

Liam Eichenberg, a lot of people say he can be plugged in and play.

  • Maybe right tackle? Maybe takes a guard spot?
  • Gave up a 2022 third-round pick to move up and get him

Jevon Holland, early in the second round, 36 overall.

  • Missed out on runningback
  • Safety seemed like a surprise, but we talked about this stuff at the top. I think it is worth noting *SEGWAY* that the Dolphins picked the first safety and first edge in the draft. Could say a lot about this front office if both are hits.

Jaelan Phillips, 18 overall, instant stud!?

  • Chris Simms absolutely loves this guy, says he is almost on Chase Young level, could you imagine if he was that good?
  • Injury issues, but if the healthy sky is the limit for this dude isn’t it?
  • This is what the draft is for, you take these risks and swing for the fences instead of always taking the safe pick. Ogbah, Biegel, Van Ginkel, there will be plenty of dudes competing for spots on the edge.

Jaylen Waddle, are we happy?

  • Dolphins disappointed they moved up from 12?
  • People are going to hate this, but something I believe: Dolphins wanted to stay in front of the Panthers just in case anything could happen with a quarterback.
  • Miami’s receiving core is now loaded.