Grier wasn't the only one willing to take a risk on Phillips


"Paton, who hurriedly called for a phone charger midway through the first round (he had several mobile devices and a landline at the ready), also coveted former University of Miami edge rusher Jaelan Phillips, who he had assumed would go in the top 15. When that didn't happen, Paton began to consider trading back into the first round, initiating some preliminary conversations with teams that had picks in the mid-20s and early 30s. (One of those calls went to Gutekunst, the owner of the 29th selection, who was open to trading out of the first round. Mindful of the time constraints and the context, Paton chose not to bring up Rodgers in that conversation.) When the Dolphins picked Phillips with the 18th overall pick, the trade-up scenario was moot, and Paton set his sights on Friday's second and third rounds."

Above excerpt is from Michael Silver's profile of George Paton, the Broncos widely respected GM.