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Mike Gesicki went Scorched Earth on Anyone that says Tua doesn’t have It

One thing about the Dolphins is that they always keep things interesting. Many of the interesting times don’t always paint the Miami Dolphins in a good light but the fact remains. There aren’t many down periods where something isn’t going on with this team. You’d think voluntary camp wouldn’t usher in that many noteworthy moments but this is the Dolphins we’re talking about. This is a team that if it was discovered that the Crab People from South Park were living under the stadium that it would only be a slow Tuesday for them.

During the interview portion of today, Mike Gesicki had some choice words for anyone that thinks Tua isn’t the guy or that he can’t play in the NFL. If you’re one of those folks who like to talk junk about Tua’s rookie year, like really say off the wall things, Gesicki is going to find you and possibly dunk on you. That or he’s going to channel his inner Marcellus Wallace and go mid-evil on you. It’s one or the other.

Thank you Mike for saying what most people with brains have been saying for a while. He didn’t say that Tua Tagovailoa is the second coming of Marino or that you can pencil him in for 4,800 yards and 40 TDs. He said that folks are mostly uneducated to write him off already after only nine games. You’d like to think that would be common sense but here we are.

I’d like to think by now that most people that all the Tua slander by the likes of Colin Cowherd and others realize that it’s good business to mention Tua’s name negatively because it will undoubtedly stir legions of Miami Dolphin’s fans that think Tua needs more time to be truly evaluated. It was nice seeing one of Tua’s teammates, a guy that is going to be dependent on Tua to make him money next year, come right out and have his back without hesitation. I’m sure Cowherd will come out today and say that all these players and Flores saying that Tua is looking good means that he’s bad or some kind of weird backward logic like that. My advice is to not get too deep with it, consider the source and why he’s saying it.

Instead, take comfort that Gesicki and anyone who was asked had nothing but inspiring things to say about Tua. If you want to live that cynical life by saying “of course that’s what they’re going to say. They can’t say he looks bad” be my guest. I just know it’s May 27 and I’d rather feel good than feel bad.

I’m not saying that it’s ridiculous to think that Tua must improve on his rookie campaign. Tua has to have a healthy year one to year two jump. Tua pretty much said that himself today. I just think it’s foolish to be so certain that he can’t be an upper-end quarterback based on what he did last year. Why not go into the season with an open mind and decide on Tua’s ability with more data?

Oh and if you don’t think that Mike Gesicki will seek you out and dunk all over your face and soul, just keep up the Tua bashing. Mike would love nothing more than to show you what it’s like.

I’m sure today will be uneventful for the Dolphins. They definitely won’t be signing Melvin Ingram or anyone else that will cause a ruckus. Oh and I’m sure there will be zero talk about Watson and Rodgers to Miami or anything like that anywhere. Yep, can’t wait for just a boring relaxing day. It’ll probably be an uneventful few months for that matter.

By the Way- Was my question about why don’t fans have an open mind about Tua and wait until after the season to make a judgment on him the dumbest most naive question ever asked? I think it’s in the running for that. I must be losing my mind. Gotta get to this long weekend and I need to get to it yesterday.

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