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Phinsider Question Of The Day 05/23/2021

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Entering the 2021 NFL Draft most Miami Dolphins fans believed that one of the top needs for this team was at the running back position. No one seemed to think that their top selection, the number six overall pick would be or should be used on the running back position but there was certainly a lot of lobbying from the fan base for a running back to be selected anywhere from late in the first round to somewhere in one of the other top two or three rounds.

As it would turn out the Dolphins rolled through the draft passing the best available running back on the board time and time again, much to the anguish of many a Phins fan. Near the end of the draft, with their second seventh-round pick the Dolphins finally pulled the trigger on a running back by selecting Gerrid Doaks, the former Cincinnati Bearcat with the 244th overall pick.

Doaks draft profile gave him a 5.5 grade with his future draft prospect at the NFL level as “Chance to make the end of a roster or a practice squad”. So basically he was taken around where you would expect or maybe could have even wound up as an undrafted free agent for someone. While his senior numbers were respectable he had some plusses and minuses that would make you wonder what he will eventually become. It's the sort of list that tells you he could become a surprisingly decent backup at the position or a total bust.

So that leaves us with Myles Gaskin as our current best option at starter for this upcoming season. We have all seen Gaskin’s flashes of speed and talent and he has shown that he clearly belongs on an NFL roster. The question is what can we expect out of a 5’10, 200-pound guy if he is expected to carry the load for this team for an entire season? I have no doubt that he can carry this team from that position for a game or even a stretch of games but 17 games straight is another thing altogether.

Gaskin appeared in 10 games for the Dolphins in 2020, starting 7 of those. He ran the ball a total of 142 times for 584 yards with a respectable 4.1 yard per carry average and 3 touchdowns. Myles also had 48 receptions for 439 yards with a 9.15-yard average and 2 additional touchdowns. He also put the ball on the ground twice in his 226 touches.

So Tonights Phinsider Question Of The Day is with the Dolphins head coach and front office appearing to be ready to roll with the current roster at hand do you think the team has done enough along the offensive line as well as improvements in other areas of the offense to give Gasking enough help to carry this team from the running back position? Additionally, do you think that Gaskin will be able to give Tua Tagovailoa enough help to further his development forward enough that we can finally take a deep breath knowing that we have our guy at quarterback, or do you think the team has done too little to help Tua?

Wherever you fall on either question or if its somewhere in between please give us your thoughts below-

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