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Blake Ferguson Got Your Back If you Bought his #50 Jersey

Blake Ferguson, a crafty veteran, and you know, a heck of a nice guy decided to do what most athletes never do in this uncomfortable situation. And that was to do the right and noble thing.

Yes, you read that right. If you purchased a #50 Blake Ferguson jersey last year, Blake has your back and will refund your money. See Blake knows that during the last year or so many folks have had it tough. He knows that some people’s lives have been totally flipped upside down and could barely make ends meat. Though that still happened to some unfortunate souls, they still went wanted to support their favorite rookie long snapper by buying his jersey.

But we live in a world where pro athletes are always thinking about their brand and Blake is no different. He saw an opportunity where he thought he could lose the half dollar, backup linebacker-looking number and go with a more sleek and rugged number in 44. Obviously, Blake is going for the ole “hey I’m an offensive player because of the number I’m wearing. No really I’m a power running fullback that could get the ball” look.

With the new changes in jersey numbers that will be starting this year, you’re going to be seeing some of your favorite players in single-digit numbers defensive players in the teens, and all other types of weird numbers that make no sense. You can bet that not many will have the integrity as Blake does and offer to pay people back that have purchased their now outdated jerseys. Well, that’s because Blake is cut above the rest.

Not many players have dawned the double 4s that I could remember. John Riggins wore #44 so maybe that was Blake’s inspiration. Whatever his ultimate reasoning is for the switch, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that that if you own a Blake Ferguson #50 jersey then all you need to do is take a picture of that jersey and send it to Blake. Blake will gladly send you back your money, no questions asked mind you so that maybe you’ll go out and get his new jersey. Wouldn’t that be nice? To be a person that purchased not one but two Blake Ferguson jerseys within a year and a half. I think that would be dandy.

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