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The Dolphins Earned an A++-+ with how they handled their NFL Schedule Release

Let me say, WOW!!!! What an NFL Schedule release performance the Dolphins put on the competition. I know other teams prepared, did their research into every week and month, and that’s all well and good. But, I don’t think this is a prisoner in the moment talk when I say that the Dolphins were puppet mastering the NFL Schedule Release and without question earned the right to have the highest-rated schedule with a score of A++-+. Give yourself a round of applause for just being able to witness it.

You might be asking yourself, “how did the Dolphins earn such a ridiculous high grade?” Well, let me tell you. I’ll get to the individual reasons why the Dolphins have the highest-rated NFL Schedule release, according to The Phinsider. Still, the #1 reason is that the Dolphins brought an intensity that their stealthiness can only offset. Flores and Grier had the will to do whatever means necessary while also not being suckers and have any leaks. The saying loose lips sink ships are words that this regime lives by. But if you’re looking for more in-depth reasons why the Dolphins earned a prestigious A++-+, keep reading. It will all make sense in the end.

First off, the Miami Dolphins were getting early Oscar buzz or Sun Dance buzz (it was one of them, I assure you) about this beautiful and elegant film of their NFL Schedule. Just try watching it and not walk away saying, “Is this the greatest film I’ve ever seen, and why is the answer yes!!?

If all that action and suspense was too much for you, here’s a still frame of their entire 2021 schedule.

I’m not going to go through each game and try and predict wins and losses for each game. I’m not a hack, and doing that task wouldn’t make much sense since there’s a ton that can happen between now and the beginning of the year. Like what if Tua takes even more super-soldier serum? See, something like that can happen and throw everything off.

You may be wondering why the Dolphins didn’t receive a grade of A++++ and why they did earn the grade of A++-+. It’s because they only have two prime-time games. I know Flores did everything he could to get his team more games on TNF, SNF, and MNF, but two is a bit underwhelming. You’d think the schedule makers, in their infinite wisdom, would realize that the Dolphins were a 10 win team last year and have a quarterback that sold the most jerseys last year. I know that the flex games at the end of the season will be moved around as we get closer to it but only having two games for the entire nation to see seems like a letdown considering the Bears have 5 primetime games, the Chargers have 3 and people don’t even go to their games or even know they are there, and the Colts, who are as interesting as watching grass grow have 4. But hey, they have Carson Wentz and linemen that scream, so what am I talking about?

So why the incredible A++a+ rating? There’s a couple of reasons why? First, in the Dolphin’s last 10 weeks of the season, Miami will have 6 home games than 3 road games. That’s huge.

Also, in that 10-week span, the Dolphins will have their bye week on week 14. That means 13 weeks of Dolphin’s football, and then the Dolphins can rest up for the second of the season. That’s right. I said the second half of the season because there are 9 more weeks after week 14, and the Dolphins are looking to hoist a Lombardi, so taking a rest nearly halfway through the season is smart. No need to waste it after the London game, which is a road game. Excellent maneuvering by Miami getting that game across the pond to be a true road game.

But the biggest reason the Dolphins knocked this NFL Schedule Release Day out of the park is that they don’t have any road games against divisional opponents in December or January. Absolutely genius moves by Flores and Grier to get the exalted schedule-makers to get it done like that. Tennesse on January 2nd is not the same as Foxboro or Buffalo on January 2nd, so this is a major win for the Dolphins. Every year when this prestigious and important day occurs, we immediately look to the end of the year, and normally you see the Dolphins on the road to New England or Buffalo late in the year. Not this year.

So are there some areas that the Dolphins can improve on for next year’s NFL Schedule Release Day? Of course, there is. But I believe this regime is always looking for room to improve and don’t accept that they ever will have a finished product. Gotta stay hungry and try and get better, meaning this grade will eat at them all year. But they crushed the NFL Schedule this year, and after smashing the NFL Draft, the stars may be aligning for a run to the Super Bowl. That or none of this means anything because different teams end up being good and bad every year, and most of the teams are pretty close to each other in terms of being able to win games consistently because that’s how the league is designed. Have a great Thursday, and keep riding that Dolphin wave.

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