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It appears the Dolphins will not be on the road for any division games late in the year

The NFL schedule gets released, but already there have been as many teams’ schedules have been leaked like as if the NFL was some kind of government or something. The Dolphin’s overall schedule hasn’t been leaked, but some of their games have been.

Some other games have been leaked, such as the Dolphins heading to New Orleans for a MNF game on December 27, and Miami will be the road team against the Jaguars in London.

But to me, the biggest takeaway that I can see and what I also believe will be the most important nuggets from schedule release day is that the Dolphins will not be on the road for any divisional games late in the year. I mean, if you count Nov. 21 at the Jets as being a fiercely bad weather game for the Dolphins, well, then I don’t know what to tell you other than you’re way off.

Typically, the Dolphins have to travel to New England or Buffalo for their last game of the year, but not this season. Miami's last game of the year is on January 9th at home against the Patriots. That’s right, Miami’s first and last games will be against the Patriots. Very possible the Dolphins will be playing two different QBs for those games but let's not get into that now.

The important detail is that a lot has to go right and break your way for any team to make a run to the playoffs and beyond. One of those, especially for the Dolphins, is that the schedule makers, in their infinite wisdom, bless the Dolphins with not having to play in cold zones late in the year against their division opponents. I don’t care how well the Dolphins are doing. You know when you see that they have to go to Buffalo or New England in late December or January that we all sigh and “well, that’s never a good thing.” Good to know we won’t have to really worry about that this year.

Overall, I’d give the Dolphins an A+ on their schedule release so far. I know that about 10 games or so still need to come out. But if the rest of their games are anything like the ones that have been leaked, then the Dolphins have a real chance of having the grade for an NFL schedule out of anyone out there. Let’s hope the Dolphins focus up and have a solid performance the rest of the day. Miami needs to keep playing clutch scheduling.

By the way- I can’t wait for the ratings to leak on how well the NFL Schedule release show does. I know it’s going to better than most World Series and NBA Finals games, and many will talk about how the NFL is king. Guess what? We already know this. No need to kick the other leagues while they’re down unless you’re Roger Goodell. Then, I expect you to do that.

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