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2021 NFL Mock Draft | Peter Schrager’s first mock draft has the Dolphins selecting Rashawn Slater at #6

Another day, another mock draft.

Northwestern v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

One of the better analysts out there is NFL Network’s, Peter Schrager. He does good work and is part of one of the greatest NFL morning shows of all time. (IMO) But that’s not the point of this article. No, the point of this article is to discuss another mock draft—Schrager’s mock draft 1.0.

We know predicting the NFL draft is impossible. And I’ve been preaching for about six or seven years now that mock drafts are like buttholes, and everyone has one. But this one, this one is interesting.

Peter Schrager’s complete first-round mock draft can be found HERE.

Picks 1-5

Like every mock draft, Schrags starts with the Jacksonville Jaguars selecting the golden boy, Trevor Lawrence. At #2 the New York Jets choose BYU quarterback Zach Wilson, and at #3, the San Francisco 49ers select Mac Jones. (I find it hard to believe the 49ers gave up all that draft capital for Mac Jones. Thank you, by the way. )

However, the first move that bothered me with Schrager’s mock draft is that he has the New England Patriots trading up to #4 and selecting the second-best quarterback in this class, Justin Fields. (IMO)

That would suck. Not only for the Dolphins but the other 30 NFL teams as well. But whatever. Bill Belichick will eventually get his quarterback, and Miami will do like they’ve done since the beginning of time. Play them hard AF and split the season series.

Now let’s talk about what Schrager has the Dolphins doing.

With the 6th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select

Rashawn Slater, Offensive Tackle, Northwestern

Most mock drafts have Penei Sewell coming off the board before Slater, but a few teams have told me it’ll be the other way around. Miami took offensive linemen with early picks last year, but I think they’ll continue to build there and protect the QB.

Random Twitter video.

Wait, say what now!?!?!

I’ve admittedly had a few hours to stew on this (I went to the dentist), but what in the actual hell is going on here!? I’m not an offensive line guru, and I promise you I won’t ever claim to be. But IF the Dolphins were going to do the most Dolphins thing ever and draft a lineman after trading back up to #6—why wouldn’t it be for Penei Sewell?

I get that offensive line is essential, and there is plenty of evidence to show you how valuable a great offensive line is. But I would be reasonably upset if Chris Grier and Brian Flores passed on Kyle Pitts or DeVonta Smith for an offensive lineman. Especially one not named Sewell.

And if the target is truly an offensive lineman, why wouldn’t they trade down in this situation with a team that loves Trey Lance? At this point, someone has to be ready to jump up and secure their quarterback, right?

That’s me trying to find the good in this.

Passing on a talent like Kyle Pitts for an offensive tackle? That would be a huge mistake, in my opinion.


With the 18th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select

The Dolphins had some success with a running back by committee last season, but Harris is a cut above. He’d be joining his college teammate, Tua Tagovailoa , in Miami’s quest to win its first AFC East crown since 2008.

At this point, most fans would hand over the 18th overall pick if it pre-ordered them the top running back in this year’s draft. Najee Harris is consistently being projected to the Dolphins at #18, and I have no issues with it. Harris looks like he was built in a lab and plays like it too.

Simply put, Najee Harris can do things most other running backs can’t. And I believe his skill-set would pair quite nicely with Miami’s current stable of running backs. Oh, and he also went to Alabama and is very good friends with Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa? #TuasFriends

(Note: I’m a firm believer that the Dolphins need to walk out of this draft with either Najee Harris, Javonte Williams, or Travis Etienne. They screwed the pooch last offseason, they can’t do it again.)

But no matter how awesome Najee Harris is, I couldn’t help but feel a little Joe Philbin queasy after day one—even if this does turn out to be what is ultimately best for the team, five years down the road.

For the final pick in round one, Peter Schrager has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selecting Stanford quarterback David Mills.

I don’t know where Mills goes exactly, but the buzz around the league is that he could be a first-round pick and will most likely be the sixth quarterback selected. I’ll throw him to Tampa Bay, where he can learn from a pretty good QB1.

The end.


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