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The Phinsider Mailbag: Live answers to your questions

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Welcome to something that I hope will become a regular feature here on The Phinsider. There is a feature within our editor that allows us to create a question-and-answer type of post. We have not used it much here, but I would like to see that change. Maybe we will stick with a live post on Wednesday evenings. Maybe we will move it to a different spot during the week. I want to find the right spot that will best create some interaction and let you get your Miami Dolphins questions answered.

I am also going to look to add themes and have other people come by the site to give you some answers. Some of them may be our contributors here on The Phinsider. Some of them may be from other places. And, if this works out, I could carry it into the season, inviting the members of other team sites to come over and give us a profile of Miami’s upcoming opponent.

Hopefully all of this works.

For you, just add your Dolphins questions in the comments below. I will be back at 7pm ET to start answering your questions and join in any discussion in the thread.