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Phinsider Question Of The Day 04/07/2021

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Rose Bowl - Oregon v Wisconsin Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There are players that come and go and players that you will never forget for their greatness. Few college players hit the NFL draft being called once in a generation type of player before making it to the NFL. Not that the guesses about greatness are always dead on but most players that are tagged as shure fire stars, outside of quarterback of course, do wind up at that level at some point in their career despite the immense level of pressure that must put on a kid that may not be any older than 20 to 22 entering the NFL. I know that most of us were not nearly mature enough to handle that level of scrutiny at that young age, even though most of us were so very sure we had it all figured out by the time we hit 16. Oh what fools we are in our youth!

Well this year’s draft just happens to have another one of those kids and of course the Miami Dolphins along with probably every other team that does not need a quarterback at the top of the draft has been rumored to be a landing spot for the kid. I am of course speaking of former Oregon Ducks offensive tackle Penei Sewell. Sewell will not even hit his 21st birthday until after the 2021 NFL season has begun. By that time he will have already been cemented into the starting lineup for somone’s offensive line. Barring injury or some personality issue that absolutly no one is aware of he should remain there for the next decade plus. I along with many other Dolphins fans hope that he lands with our very own Dolphins and spends that next decade plus protecting Tua Tagovailoa or honestly whoever winds up being our long term answer at quarterback.

Sewell’s former head coach at Oregon, Mario Cristobal, who many Dolphins fans will know from his time coaching at the U and FSU, among the other glowing things that he has said stated flatly that “His ability just to see things, his instincts, is something that, again can change an entire franchise!”. Its not just his ex head coach, most experts believe that Sewell will be the best offensive linemen in the NFL sooner than later. Sewell, at only 20 comes into the draft at 6 foot 6 and 325 lbs. In his two seasons starting for the Ducks he allowed only one sack over the span of 1,376 snaps played. Following his 2019 season Sewell recieved the highest grade ever given out to an offensive lineman at the college level, 95.5. So there seems to be no question in anybody’s mind that this kid is and will most likely continue to be a stud along the OL.

So tonigh’t Phinsider Question Of The Day is can our Miami Dolphins, still in the mist of their rebuild mode, if given the chance to snag Sewell in the draft, afford to pass up the most sure fire talent in this year’s draft and possibly the best offensive lineman that this team has had since we had Dwight Stephenson at center (the best center to ever play the game at any level I might add)? If you do think we should pass on him for another position/player why and who would you rather have over Sewell?

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