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Dolphins draft Jaylen Waddle and offense will be off the chain

He’s not Tyreek Hill. He’s Jaylen Waddle. Hopefully, he’s as good as Tyreek Hill. That would work out really nice for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins stayed in the sixth position in the 2021 NFL Draft and selected quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s former teammate Jaylen Waddle. I have to say, my brain was saying to draft Penei Sewell but my heart all along wanted Waddle, assuming Kyle Pitts and Ja’Marr Chase were off the board. Waddle goes over his Heisman teammate DeVonta Smith which is something that nobody thought would happen a month ago. But the path to the draft has a way of making the masses think totally different things over a short amount of time and as of late the sentiment was Waddle might go over his Smith. The Dolphins thought that and Waddle goes to Miami.

With Waddle, the Dolphins receiving core might look like Parker, Fuller, Waddle, P. Williams, and Bowden with guys like Al Wilson, and Perry (yes, this means Grant and Hurns are gone) being other guys that might be involved somewhere down the line. That receiving core is a billion times better and more explosive than last year’s bunch. This offense has the ability to score on one play with multiple guys compared to the zero chance that could happen last year. That’s an element that hasn’t been a possibility for years.

Oh, and if you think that Miami didn’t need a guy like Waddle because they have Will Fuller well then I don’t know what to tell you other than you’re allowed to have two really fast guys on the same team. It’s fine. It’s a good thing.

Man alive there’s so much to digest here. I didn’t even get to the fact that Waddle decided to come back from his broken ankle and play in the national championship game last year when several players didn’t even play last year. Don’t think that didn’t impress the hell out of Flores and Grier. Waddle is a guy Flores knows he can go to battle with and that’s exactly what Waddle will do in Miami. Just as long as the Dolphins don’t have him return kicks. Just don’t do it.

Can’t wait to see what Miami does with #18 or if they even have that pick. I hope it’s another Alabama skill’s guy in Najee Harris. But, I’d take a pass-rusher as well such as Jaelan Phillips. Who knows what Stone Cold Brian Flores and Grier will do. I don’t. See y’all at #18.

Here are some obligatory Waddle highlights. Remember it’s Waddle’s World.

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