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Phinsider Question Of The Day-More Draft Rumors Edition 04/27/2021

2007 NFL Draft - April 28, 2007 Photo by Richard Schultz/Getty Images

It seems that the closer you get to the NFL draft each the more the rumors seem to fly even if it seems like it couldn’t get any worse. The Miami Dolphins, with their load of draft capital this season and in upcoming seasons have been a big part of this season's edition of the NFL rumor mill. Now as best as I have ever been able to decipher there are at least five types of rumors floating around out there every year.

There are those rumors that are driven by a bit of or a ton of truth because someone knows someone with first-hand knowledge of what an NFL front office or front office member is thinking, wants to do, and/or wants to happen in the draft. Sometimes the media member is even tipped off to exactly what the team is going to do and thus breaks the story before the team would like anyone to know about it. I don’t know where this falls along the line of journalistic integrity but as much as we fans want to know what’s coming I would prefer that someone trying to “break a big story” does not screw up the plans of my team if they have something smart and solid that they are trying to pull off.

Then there are those that are somewhat educated guesses by a member of the media that both know what direction a team is wanting to go and also based on knowing the tendencies of those people making the big decisions. These are often off but as far as the rumors that are “guesses” these seem to hit the mark more than the others that are guesses or educated guesses. Sometimes these “guesses” are also aided with a hint that is dropped by someone inside the organization either intentionally or unintentionally.

Then there are the wild-ass guesses that some media type makes because they hope to draw attention to themselves despite the odds of their “guess” being close to zero. Every now and then one of these fools gets lucky but always consider your source. There is a ton of trustworthy media out there but due to today's social media platforms anyone, even the worst of the worst media-wise has their own megaphone if they choose to use it, and sometimes the drive to just get your name out there for some outweighs the desire to provide actual true and quality content.

There are also those same wild-ass guesses that sometimes just come from some random guy. Once again this sort of thing picks up steam because one or two or more people see this, begin to repost it in some other form as a fact, perhaps because they so deeply wish it to be true, and then it just gains legs and a life of its own to the point that sometimes actual respected media will wind up reporting it. As a first-hand example, we once had a member of this site post an April fools post about a player that we had signed and real media outlets picked it up somehow and reported it as fact. The funny thing is it was about Brandon Marshall and we did eventually sign him but this fan was just pulling a prank based on zero information and the media was not smart enough to check the source or realize the day of the year it seems.

The fifth is perhaps the one that the Miami Dolphins organization has been masters of for a very long time, that’s the rumor that is “leaked” by the team intentionally. I honestly believe that all NFL teams do this at some point, especially as it applies to the draft. Talking up a player that you have no intention of taking can sometimes have the effect of leaving the player on the board that you were actually targeting the whole time and in the Dolphins case they often never mention the guy that they were truly after but talk up other players as if they were the second coming.

So by now, we have all seen the various rumors of what the Dolphins want to do and who they want to draft but the latest is that they wish to trade down from their sixth spot. I do not know if this is a smokescreen or real as the thought process for everyone was that the Dolphins gave up so much to get back up to the sixth spot after trading down from the third spot that they had a specific player that they were targeting. Now it seems as if most believe that they will trade down to the ninth pick with the Denver Broncos or even lower possibly. So tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is would you like to see the Dolphins trade down once again and continue to add draft capital for this and future drafts or is there a player that should be there at sixth that you covet and you are praying that the Phins stay put and grab your guy?

Where do you stand on what the Dolphins should do before or on draft day at this point? Give us your thoughts below-

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