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Phinsider Radio show notes: smokescreens, rumors and Houtz watches the Avengers

Just one more week before draft rumors are put to rest.

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Phinsider Radio show notes for April 22.

DeVonta Smith is kinda really small

  • Albert Breer reported DeVonta Smith was 6 foot, 166 pounds
  • NFL teams didn’t get athletic testing numbers from the Indy medical combine earlier this month, but they did get measurements. And that meant, finally, they got Alabama WR DeVonta Smith on a scale.
  • Does this matter to you, because I don’t think it does to me? Saw jokes he might get blown away in Chicago or lost completely in Green Bay, but let’s be honest, NO ONE HAS EVER HAD A SEASON LIKE DEVONTA SMITH IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD
  • If you were Chris Grier, could you take the undersized wide receiver at #6?

Are dolphins willing to move back from #6?

  • Ian Rapoport: The #Dolphins have already made two moves in the NFL Draft and they may not be done yet: Sources say they’ve received calls from teams looking to trade up to No. 6 and it is something they’re considering. Lot of things in play, but Miami could be at it again.
  • This seems obvious but the only way I see it working out is if Kyle Pitts is off the board. Then the question becomes, how far back would you be willing to move?
  • Carolina might not want to play ball according to reports, does Denver at #9 makes sense?
  • Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports piggybacked this sentiment but also dropped a nugget about Kyle Pitts being the target, which surely we’ve heard rumblings but most of that was started by the fanbase no?

Charles Robinson tweeted: I don’t think there has been any team in the #NFL that has floated more draft misdirection over the last two years than the Miami #Dolphins. The second straight year where you’re hearing a LOT about Miami. First, it was all Kyle Pitts. Now it’s trade scenarios.

Chris Grier’s pre-draft press conference

  • Grier: “we had a number of teams call us in coming up to #3. we were comfortable being where we were. once we evaluated it...and SF was very aggressive. John was we worked through it & he gave us the offer.. we decided it was important to get back up into the top-10.
  • Grier on drafting at #6 “we are comfortable where we are, we feel very good where we are, and we won’t feel any regrets.”
  • Grier on players having to make an immediate impact if drafted high ” I think it all depends on where they fall. at the end of the day, some of these guys will be starters. but as brian said, when they come in NO ONE is a starter...I think that’s why you always see guys take a huge second-year jump like AVG last year, & mike G in 2019.”
  • Grier: tua “communication has been great. he’s been around. he’s been working hard. he’s working with the WRs. he’s a very competitive kid. coming off the injury, no OTAs, no camp, and being just thrown in. that’s a hard transition...he’s healthy now, he’s working very hard.

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