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Phinsider Question Of The Day 04/22/2021

Miami Dolphins News Conference Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

When the 2021 NFL league year kicked off last month we entered the third year under the latest rendition of our Miami Dolphins front office with head coach Brian Flores at the helm of the team and a continuation of Chris Grier’s tenure as general manager since he was elevated to the position in 2016. For those that are not aware, Grier has been with the Dolphins now going on his 22nd season with the club having moved through the ranks from area scout to national scout/assistant director of college scouting to director of college scouting before assuming his current role. It seems as if the current brain trust of Flores and Grier and of course the rest of the coaching and scouting staff have begun to focus more on the draft. At least adding more draft picks for this team in the present as well as in the future.

There are clearly two ways to build a team, one is via the draft and with undrafted players that you develop yourself with a free agent scattered in here and there, and most fans and experts tend to believe in this formula while there are still those teams that will throw everything at free agents in hopes of just snagging one or maybe two titles. This was a lot of what we saw with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season when they grabbed Tom Brady and then tried to add every top veteran they could and alas it netted them a title. Traditionally this has not worked for teams as we have seen several try this and fail miserably but maybe the difference is this works when you have the quarterback or you can snag a great veteran in free agency, which is very rare. Most veteran quarterbacks that are available in free agency are either beyond their prime to the point where they cannot carry a team or are traded for a price that costs the receiving team the ability to build around the veteran.

So seeing what has happened and continues to happen around the NFL do you think that the Miami Dolphins are doing a good job of using free agency, the draft, and development of their own players to build a team that can win not only in the next year or two but also down the road or do you believe that this team, as they have been for the last couple of decades, is still going down the wrong road if they hope to ultimately succeed? If you are happy or not with the direction of this current front office what would you change and what would you continue to do based on what you have seen over the last couple of seasons?

Give us your thoughts below-

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