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Drafting Kyle Pitts at No. 6 would be history-making for the Miami Dolphins

There’s a first time for everything

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For an NFL team established in 1966, there aren’t too many firsts left to be seen. But two historic moments could happen nine days from now when the Miami Dolphins are on the clock with the 6th-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

What historical moment might we witness next Thursday?

After doing some digging through the team’s official draft guide, I found out that the Dolphins never drafted a tight end in the first round (you can add kicker and punter to that list as well), and they've never selected a player in franchise history with the #6 pick in the draft.

Never, ever.

To add fuel to the fire, Yahoo Sports’ senior NFL reporter Charles Robinson tweeted this out earlier today, and although I knew Miami liked Kyle Pitts, he makes it sound like it could be a little more than like.

Now sure, there’s an excellent chance Kyle Pitts is taken before Chris Grier, and the Dolphins are on the clock. And depending on how the board falls, there is still a chance Miami could trade back with a quarterback-starved team. But if they are on the clock at No.6, and the 6’6, 245-pound pass-catcher from Florida is still on the board, the next step should be simple.

Make. Franchise. History.

The plan this offseason was to get Tua Tagovailoa some weapons. Ask most experts and analysts around, and there’s one player in this year’s class that ranks above and beyond the rest.

His name is Kyle Pitts.

Should the Dolphins draft Kyle Pitts if he’s available at #6? Is there a player you like more in this class? What would it take for you to entertain a trade-down offer from a team like Carolina or Denver? Let us know in the comments section below!