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RAPOPORT | Dolphins have received calls from teams looking to trade up to No.6

ring, ring, ring

Miami Dolphins OTA Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

With the 2021 NFL Draft quickly approaching, teams are starting to leak valuable information with a purpose. The latest example came moments ago when NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that the Miami Dolphins had received calls for the #6 overall pick in next week’s draft.

The NFL insider tweeted this:

This isn’t necessarily a revelation.

After all, it is no secret that Chris Grier and the Dolphins like to trade.

And if the Atlanta Falcons choose to pass on a quarterback, and the Cincinnati Bengals give Joe Burrow the necessary help he needs, the Dolphins could be looking at yet another king’s ransom for Justin Fields, Trey Lance, or perhaps another prospect that a team believes is the missing piece to their franchise’s success.

A trade down would allow the Dolphins to acquire future draft capital AND potentially land the player they coveted all along.

Could that be wide receiver DeVonta Smith?

Maybe his Alabama teammate Jaylen Waddle?

Penei Sewell or Rashawn Slater?

Micah Parson?

The list goes on and on, but you get the point. By trading up to #6, Chris Grier has put the team in a prime position to land one of the draft’s top prospects. And if the Dolphins can find a way to acquire additional picks along the way, they’re going to do whatever they can to do so.

Do you want the Dolphins to trade down with a quarterback-starved team? What might a trade look like, and how far down would you be willing to move? Let us know in the comments section below!