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The Phinsider Question of the Night

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Just in case you have not noticed, James McKinney has been on a mini-vacation from the site the last few days. We have missed covering for him on a few of the nightly live threads - which really means I simply forgot to make sure I was writing them. Tonight, it might be late, but at least it is posted, right?

I am supposed to come up with a random question to spark some discussion - but I have not really thought of anything, so we are going to do this on the fly. Ummm...oh, here we go.

Which stadium, other than Hard Rock Stadium, is you favorite for attending an NFL game?

I have only been to a few other NFL stadiums. I enjoyed NRG Stadium in Houston. TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville was nice. I went to Aloha Stadium when I was a kid - but I do not really remember it, so I guess that does not count. I guess, of those, NRG Stadium was the best - but that was probably more because it was the first time I got to take my son to a game.

This is a nightly live thread, meaning you can discuss whatever you would like. Please keep it PG, however, as the main site rules of conduct are still there (no attacks, no religion/politics/etc.)