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Phinsider Radio show notes: Rest In Peace Brian Byrne

Dolphins Twitter lost one its best members last week

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Phinsider Radio show notes for April 15, 2021.

Our good friend Brian Byrne passed away.

  • Brian was incredibly supportive and just an all-around good dude.
  • These relationships are truly why we take part in communities, like Dolphins Twitter. We can all get together, smile, and laugh unless we’re talking about mock drafts.
  • Brian didn’t join Twitter until 2018, but quickly became one of the pillars that held up Dolphins Twitter and we’re truly going to miss him.
  • Consider donating to the gofundme for his family.

BLT aka @Billfromboynton aka William Turnbull wrote a poem about Brian.

For Brian:

What is the measure of a person?

Is it a tally of rights and wrongs?

Is it how wealthy they were or their celebrity status?

Life is fleeting. Mistakes are human.

The trials and tribulations are but pathways along the road of life.

Whether we continue the journey is the true mark of a person.

Struggle and strife are but scars on our timeline.

Happiness and Joy are celebrations that we hold dear.

The good always outweighs the bad.

When a person not only learns from their past but then uses the knowledge to assist others, they have ascended beyond being a person and are examples of humanity and benevolence.

Humans are not pure. We are all flawed.

What we can be is the real question.

What we aspire to be is the dream.

Brian had many descriptors.

Son, brother, father, uncle, husband, friend,

Dolphin fan and a giant in the recovery community.

He brought people together with his smile. With his Dad Joke of the Day. With his inner light. Brian had a sparkle in his eyes and I am not ashamed to say that I miss him.

Life is fleeting. Death is inevitable.

Some are taken too soon. Brian had more to do.

The heartache will subside, but the memories will remain

The measure of someone is how many they touched while here.

Brain touched many. We may not have shaken his hand but we felt his presence. I am sure he is in the clouds, making angels laugh.

Brian would want us to talk about Miami Dolphins football and the biggest news of the week, being early April, is that Dolphins twitter is loaded with a bunch of bullies.

  • Peter Schrager, of Good Morning Football and a sideline reporter at Fox, had the Dolphins taking Rashawn Slater in his mock draft. Sewell and Pitts were both on the board.
  • I watched Good Morning Football the day the mock came out and Schrager was saying this isn’t stuff he just made up, he made these choices after texting and talking with a lot of insiders.
  • Why does everyone get so dramatic over mock drafts?
  • You should go read the responses on my mock draft, yeeeesh.
  • If all these drafts were the same, or roughly the same, March and April would be incredibly boring. Most of the time, we do these to understand different scenarios.
  • What would Miami’s team look like if they followed Schrager’s draft with Slater at 6 and Najee Harris at 18?
  1. Slater LT, Jackson RT, Hunt at RG and Kindley at LG, his OG position?
  2. Miami can instantly become one of the best running teams and as a result, play-action teams in the league.
  • Two final points worth noting.
  1. Schrager brought up a strong strong STRONG point. 2020 NFL draft. Andrew Thomas at 4, Jedrick Willis and Mekhi Becton at 10 and 11, Ruggs at 12, which most considered a reach, followed by Wirfs at 15. Juddy went at 15. Three tackles were taken before the first receiver.
  2. Mike Tannenbaum brought up another great point: The WR class of 2020 largely lived up to the hype it received when a record-setting 13 WRs were taken in the first 2 rounds of the draft. W/ the success of these rookies, combined w/ another talented class, we may see a similar series of events in a few weeks
  • TO summarize this conversation... if the Dolphins draft players who play well, it won't really matter who is drafted where.