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Even with Isaiah Wilson in Miami, Penei Sewell is still an option at No. 3

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 02 Oregon at USC Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the Miami Dolphins, the news never sleeps. They’re always doing something even when they aren’t. Yesterday evening, the Dolphins made an exciting move when they traded for Isaiah Wilson.

Wilson was the Titan's first-round pick in last year’s draft, and just like that, he’s gone. Just continuing a trend of teams getting rid of 1st rounders after only one year of service. I believe this trend will continue as coaches' grapefruits get bigger.

I’m sure when everyone heard this news, one of the first things you did, including myself, was to see this guy's rap sheet. I mean, Tennessee isn’t giving up on 1st rounder after a year because he helps the homeless too much or that he’s started too many community gardens.

According to Michael Hogan of Sports Illustrated;

Wilson’s troubles started in training camp. In August, he was named in a Tennessee State University police report after officers broke up an off-campus party. Authorities issued Wilson a trespass warning in wake of that incident.

In September, police arrested and charged Wilson for driving under the influence. He blew a 0.107 and 0.103 at the time officers pulled him over, according to reports. The legal limit for blood alcohol content in Tennessee is 0.08.

Saying Isaiah Wilson played last year is the same as saying that Rudy got into the game against Georgia Tech. @Houtz did an elegant job of compiling all of Isaiah Wilson's game-tape from the 2020 season.

Wilson played a 4th play last year, but I didn’t feel like adding 25% of his snaps. Not enough time for that.

On February 22, Wilson tweeted out this little number met with a classic deletion of the tweet. If only we lived in a world where people could not screenshot everything and anything.

To be fair, Wilson was right. Not saying that he’s a modern-day Nostrodaumus, but he was correct in pointing out that he was done as a Titan. Tough guy Mike Vrabel couldn’t figure him out, so he might as well have the toughest SOB Stone Cold Brian Flores have a chance of straightening Wilson out.

Brian Flores does have a bit of a relationship with the seemingly troubled young man.

I know it ultimately doesn’t mean much going forward, but I think it’s only common sense to understand that the fact that Flores has known Wilson for years played a part in acquiring him yesterday.

I’m not sure how anyone can be upset about the Dolphins making this trade. Swapping 7th rounders and getting a guy who had a 1st round grade only a year ago is the ultimate low-risk, high-reward move. When you look up low-risk high-reward in the dictionary, you’re going to see this trade.

Wilson will be coming into a mostly young offensive line room. The Dolphins started three rookies last year with Austin Jackson, Solomon Kindley, and Robert Hunt. Kindley was Wilson’s teammate at Georgia. Perhaps, Flores and Grier went to Kindley and asked the big man about Wilson? That would be hilarious because it would be a move that the Texans would never consider doing with Deshaun Watson.

Miami also, currently, has Ereck Flowers, Ted Karras, Jesse Davis, and Michael Deiter. No idea if all those guys will be back. Chances are, there will be more moves to the offensive line coming up. I would love to see the free-agent center Corey Linsley brought in and be the signal-caller for the o-line for the next half dozen years.

Bringing in Wilson, in my opinion (see, I said in my opinion,)so don’t freak out thinking I have real sources on this because once again I have exactly 0 sources on anything the Dolphins do) doesn’t change the possibility of the Dolphins drafting Penei Sewell with the #3 overall pick in the upcoming draft. It is like saying that if the Dolphins hypothetically could trade for Henry Ruggs, their receiver room would be all set. Nope, the Dolphins could still add Chase or Smith on day one.

Sewell is a force. I’m not saying that any pick is a can’t miss draft pick because we've seen time and time again that go the wrong way, but Sewell is as safe a pick as you can get in the draft. If the Dolphins take Sewell, Sewell goes to left tackle, and then the staff figures out what to do with Austin Jackson. I like Jackson. I think he can be an outstanding player. I think Sewell is better, and you could still find a spot for Jackson.

I don’t love the idea of taking a receiver #3. It’s just my philosophy. I believe a greater weapon for a quarterback is having more time to throw than having excellent skill’s guys. More time leads to more time for receivers to get open and run the type of routes that yield big plays.

However, I think the most likely scenario is that the Dolphins trade the #3 overall pick to a team looking to draft either Justin Fields or Zach Wilson. If the Dolphins want to draft a receiver anywhere from #5 to #9, go for it.

Wilson being added doesn’t just wrap up the search for the quality offensive line that the Dolphins crave. Who knows, Wilson might not pan out and could be cut a week into camp. I wouldn't be surprised by that all. I don’t think anybody would be. It is good to know that Flores is establishing himself as a guy who will take on these projects. Eventually, one of these moves will hit. Maybe Bowden Jr. will break out this year? Maybe Bowden and Wilson have great second years? That be nice.

Everyone have yourself a Tuesday.

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