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Phinsider Question Of The Day 03/07/2021

Historic Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photo by Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Last night’s post was a question of what is your “bucket” list place to visit that you have yet had a chance to visit. Tonight's question is a bit different. Sometimes you travel overseas or even here in the States or perhaps just over the border to Canada or the short trip to parts of Mexico or the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, etc.., those places that are considered “close” even if out in the middle of the ocean or require a flight or a boat shuttle (as to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale) to get there. Once there you either return time after time because you love that one place so much or you cannot wait to visit again. Perhaps it’s the culture, the people, or the just all-around atmosphere. Maybe you are attracted to a place's history or art community or just the lack of people at all. We all have those things that draw us to a place or make us never wish to return.

So tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is what place have you already visited or vacationed to that you cannot wait to return to or have repeatedly returned to because you love the place so much? Tell us not only where by why and maybe one of us can discover a new favorite place of our own or at the very least a place that we want to “check out” when we get the chance. Another place to possibly add to our “bucket list” of places to visit.

I personally hit up Santa Fe New Mexico as well as Taos New Mexico at least once a year when possible. I can fly there very quickly from Houston or drive there in a day. For me, it has a great mix of cultures, the Spanish culture that has been present in the state for over 400 years has mixed with the native American culture to make up a unique culture all its own and even has its own style of Mexican food, “Sante Fe Style” that relies more on green chilies, mostly grown in Hatch New Mexico and blue corn tortilla and refried black beans along with fresh ingredients that are all grown or raised locally when what you get in most of the US is more a version of what they call Tex-Mex.

I have also had the best Indian food in my life in Santa Fe and the best Sushi ever in Taos as well as countless other amazing meals of every type. If there is a unique food style that you like you can most likely find an excellent version of it in Santa Fe. The art culture is probably unmatched by any place in America with more museums than I have ever seen in a city of its size before. Most importantly perhaps is just how friendly and kind everyone is. I find most of Texas much more friendly than the east coast but New Mexico really takes it up a notch in friendliness and kindness. In the summer when it’s nearly unbearable in Texas, especially the Houston area where it can hit 100 but still be as humid as Miami ever gets, it’s an awesome getaway to a place that is always somewhat cool and dry.

So tell us about your favorite place to visit or cannot wait to visit again and why-

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