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SB NATIONAL NFL SHOW: Mendel on what Miami’s pre-draft trade says about Tua Tagovailoa

Writing in the third person is pretty strange.

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The SB Nation NFL Show brings together the greatest fan-alysts from across SB Nation’s NFL team communities in one place for the first time ever. Expect deep analysis, irreverent jokes, and plenty of bickering between rivals. It’s a show for NFL fans, by NFL fans.

Jake Mendel (myself), of The Phinsider, joined Brandon Lee Gowton and Rob “Stats” Guerrera on the SB National NFL Show to talk about Miami’s pre-draft trade with the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers.

  • Surprised with how this slipped under the radar for a month despite including three teams.
  • Grier had other offers, up to three, on the table for the third overall spot.
  • I read whispers that Chase was the guy if the Dolphins remained at No. 3.
  • Personal choice: Really depends where the Bengals go at five, but Chase, then Smith and Pitts and finally Waddle, is the order.
  • The Athletic pointed out: Before the start of free agency, Flores discussed moving into the back end of the top 10. As it turned out, Miami will move just three spots back.

Brian Flores: Our scouting staff (has) done a really great job as far as narrowing down who the top players are in this draft. We have a pretty good idea of who those are. I think everyone, or most people who are analyzing it, knows who those players are. We’ll have an opportunity to grab one of them at least in, let’s call it the top 10.

  • With the trade coming early, I believe there is a chance Miami wanted to get this done and switching his attention to other moves.