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Stone Cold Brian Flores does what he wants when he wants to whomever he wants

It was just another day in the life of the toughest SOB that has ever dawned the aqua and orange. Everything was going exactly as it should. Tua is getting birthday wishes from everyone on the internet, mock drafts were being filled out and debated, and the Deshaun Watson rumors continued. Then, Brian Flores took a look at the roster and went ahead and did something nobody saw coming.

I’m sure that Flores and Chris Grier didn’t wake up yesterday and say to themselves “let's just get rid of one of our leaders today. What do you think?” Obviously, there was a bit more time put into it than that. Still, cutting or potentially trading Kyle Van Noy(highly doubt that’ll happen) was a move that nobody saw coming. So, to the folks out there who really think they have an idea of what the team is going to do when it comes to any player, take a lap.

Kevin did a lovely job of breaking the news on The Phinsider when the news broke. Here’s a nice breakdown of the contract that KVN signed.

Not having KVN, now gives the Dolphins more flexibility in free agency.

All you conspiracy buffs out there can put your tinfoil hats on and try and connect the dots to what this means in terms of who the Dolphins are creating this added cap space for. My advice is to use your time more wisely and figure out what’s going out at the Denver Airport or what’s buried underneath Dulce New Mexico.

The Dolphins did in fact create more cap space and we all know that this won’t be the end of the Dolphins letting go of players. I don’t think anybody else the Dolphins release or cut will be as jarring as KVN, but again, Brian Flores does what he wants and doesn’t care how it’s going to look in the papers. That’s not how he operates and that’s a good thing.

In the two-plus seasons that Flores has gone against the grain more than any coach that I can recall in that time span. That’s saying a lot for a guy who is a first-time head coach. I’m not going to list all the moves that had people freaking out but you remember where you were when they all happened. It’s fair to say that just when you think you have the answers, Brian Flores goes and changes the questions.

Van Noy had a solid year for the Dolphins. He was unquestionably one of their leaders and he made some big plays. That can’t be disputed. But, it’s not like he lit the world on fire or was irreplaceable. That and the fact that Andrew Van Ginkel played very well accompanied by the money that Van Noy was making and Flores and Grier getting out from under Van Noy was the right move now. Is it a bit of a swing and a miss by Flores and the front office? Probably. But being a well-run organization is knowing when to cut bait with a player even if it makes you look a little bad. So far, Flores has been smart about nearly all of the movies he makes. Let's hope this is another one of those smart moves.

Can’t wait to see what today unfolds. Maybe the Dolphins will bring TO in for a workout or see if Jeff George has any life in that live arm of his. Perhaps Flores walks into Stephen Ross’s office and gives him a stunner? More than likely it will just be another regular old day. That is until Stone Cold Brian Flores looks at the roster and decides to do what he does best.

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