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Phinsider Question Of The Day 03/29/2021

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Before the two huge trades of draft picks by our very own Miami Dolphins last week the talk of the NFL was of Deshaun Watson and the possibility of trade as he wants out of Houston and Miami was the team linked most to him in a future possible blockbuster trade. Now Watson is embroiled in a legal dispute where he is accused of inappropriate behavior ranging from harassment all the way up to sexual assault by, as of the latest count that grows seemingly by the day, 19 different women. Now there is no proof that any of these accusations are true but Watson has been deleting Instagram messages and attempting to contact some of the women directly to “settle” out of court. No one knows for sure what happened if anything but it normally seems unlikely that such a large number of women would accuse any one person of anything if not true, thus opening themselves up for not only civil actions in the reverse but in Texas also very serious criminal charges.

I suspect that as in most of these cases the truth is somewhere in the middle or we will never know the whole story because a lot of money will get thrown around and a lot of people will shut up as a result. Either way, I am a bit surprised that the other teams that were looking to trade for Watson do not have seemed to change their stance of wanting him via trade. I am not sure if they have some information that the rest of us don’t or if they are choosing to believe Watson who, up until now, has been clean as far as any suggestions of trouble or impropriety on his part in any way. I know that I was shocked and when the first few allegations surfaced they seemed a bit flimsy to me and I sort of shrugged them off in a wait-and-see sort of mentality. Not that I do not think that every woman deserves to be heard but it was like wow, all of a sudden these accusations come out of nowhere? But now, as odd as the entire situation is if I was a GM and I knew that now at least 19 women had come forward I would have to take a real “I’m going to have to take a huge step backward and wait to see how this plays out before I even consider giving up a ten spot for the player let alone a bevy of draft picks!”. I am in no way suggesting that I or anyone else knows if he is guilty or not or if so to what degree these accusations are true. Only that with the amount of money at stake you have to be very cautious in my mind.

So tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is putting yourself in the position of an NFL GM in dire need of a spark for your team, more specifically one that could immediately be filled by a player with the dynamic skill set of a Deshaun Watson, how would you see this situation? Would you still try and trade for a quarterback, that if he is guilty you might either lose his services altogether (depending on the legal ramifications of any accusations that might be proved) or at the very least you may be looking at a suspension by the NFL which does not require a law to even be broken but just for a player to act or conduct himself in any way that might embarrass his team or the league? Would you take a wait-and-see stance knowing that this case could carry on not only past this year's draft but well into the upcoming season or would you just walk away and look elsewhere unless this has some sort of miraculously fast conclusion?

Give us your thoughts below-

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