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Holy Schnikes!!! The Miami Dolphins Again have Gone Trade Happy and Nobody is Safe

If you’re like me, you had a decent feeling, inclining, premonition that the Dolphins weren’t going to stay put at #3 in the draft. I don’t think anyone foresaw that the Dolphins were going to trade that #3 pick a month away from the draft. And there certainly isn’t anyone on this plane of existence who had them trading back into the top 10 a mere 20 minutes after executing the first trade.

It started with this wonderful-looking exchange.

Texting my friend who’s a 49ers fan, I told him that the Dolphins fleeced San Francisco unless Shanahan turns one of the quarterbacks not named Lawerence or Wilson into an elite player. That could happen, but trading that much for Justin Fields or Trey Lance seems like a stretch.

Okay, as a Dolphin’s fan, I loved the move. It insured more years of having multiple 1st round picks. Who wouldn't be down with that? Sure, you lose #3 pick, but like I said, we figured this was happening anyways. Having the #12 pick is still pretty dang solid.

Not even a half-hour goes by, and the Dolphins were on the move once more.

I have to say; I was JJ Stoked about staying at #12 and getting multiple 1st rounders for the next two seasons. It’s great to get to #6 and get more later-round picks, but that’s just how I feel at the moment. I’m sure that will change very shortly when I’m polishing off some cervezas.

This tweet from Ian Rapoport sums up what the Dolphins unless you’re still very confused about where the Dolphins stand.

Maybe this one helps out better.

Here are my thoughts on the whole situation. Let me tell you, they are flowing out of my brain like the Lackawanna river, so they might be all over the place and shallow.

  1. The Dolphins have so many possibilities on how to improve the team. This could mean one of the receivers, Pitts, or even Parsons. The ball is in their court to do anything they want in the draft, which was the situation last year.
  2. I guess we can put the kibosh on DeShaun Watson to the Dolphins. Not that I think at this point that anyone wants to do business with whatever it is Watson is being accused of, but these moves from the Dolphins solidifies that Tua Tagovailoa has the backing of the organization for next season.
  3. All these trades getting more picks for the next few drafts tells me that everyone in that locker room should be on high alert to perform. If you don’t bring your A-game for a season, this regime will have the ammunition to get rid of you because they will always have the picks to do it. Not that anyone should be surprised by anything Stone Cold Brian Flores and Grier do because they’ve made mega moves before. But if you think you’re safe, you can be gone at a moment’s notice.
  4. That means Tua better put together a decent season. If he doesn’t, then the regime very possibly might find an exit strategy. Based on how they do business, they’ll find a reasonable out.
  5. The Dolphins have one of the 49ers 1st rounders in 2023. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if they’re bad heading into that season. That division is really good, so trading for 1st rounders to that division is a smart move.
  6. The Dolphins probably aren’t done trading. I don’t know if you’ll see more trades dealing with 1st rounders, but the smart money is during the draft that the Dolphins swap some picks.
  7. This regime is always thinking about next year. They’re smart enough to put maximum effort into the current season and have enough sense to know that you always need to be building for the future. I love that the team that I like is smart. I haven’t been able to say this too often.
  8. Since the 49ers did all this, I wouldn’t be shocked if Jimmy G sidles his way back to New England.
  9. My God, I can’t wait for the draft. It’s going to be so much fun, and things are going to get nutty. I might have to take work off the next day.
  10. There really is only one man and one man alone who we all should be thanking for all this. He’s the guy that put everything into motion. Without him, none of this would be possible.
  1. Football is awesome. It just is.

There are definitely angles that I’m missing, but this is all I have to give at the moment. Let me know what ramifications or symptoms of all these moves do you think are and will occur. You and try and have yourself a safe and wonderful weekend. And if you’re still trying to piece this all together, good luck.

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