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I’d be Fine with Kyle Pitts in Miami but I’d also be Okay Without Him

If you were looking for the Mike Greenberg headline of the year, it’s this one. If you ever wanted to know what riding the fence looks like in word form, this is the headline for you. I was thinking of a better attention-getting hook to you know draw the reader in but I just couldn’t figure one out that conveys how I feel about the growing legend that is Kyle Pitts.

Kyle Pitts didn’t need to do anything to get the attention of anyone. But yesterday Pitts ran his 40 and well and it wasn’t half bad.

Mind you, Pitts is a 6’6 240LB tight end from the University of Florida, in case you didn’t know. You’d think by now we wouldn’t be losing our minds over 40 times because we've seen thousands of them. But when a guy who has the dimensions that Pitts has runs as he did, well, you have a discussion about it. Yes, I know that the 40 has lost a bit of its luster due to nerds trying to convince others that running fast isn’t cool. I’m here to tell you that running fast is always cool, not that I know from experience.

When you watch him run this 40, the thought that comes to mind is that it looks like he isn’t running that fast. To that I say, I see what you’re saying but I would counter that with guys like Vince Young and Terrell Pryor. Those guys were enormous individuals that gained ground so quickly though it didn’t look like their legs were going all that fast. They were, however, extremely smooth with every bound.

Kyle Pitts as a Dolphin is a very interesting thought. Their offense, on paper, would look like a force of nature that hasn’t been seen in decades in South Florida. Parker, Fuller, Williams(if he’s not hurt), Bowden, Wilson, and Gesicki seems like an offense that Tua should be able to work with. I mean, who wouldn’t be able to work with that? The on-paper part should be noted because plenty of teams in all sports have looked dynamite on paper and ended up falling apart.

Having Pitts on the field with all those guys opens up the offense to endless possibilities. One of those possibilities is running more 12 personal. 12 personal, in case you were wondering and wanted to flex your football brain with your co-workers or neighbors and feel superior, is when the offense has one running back, two tight ends, and two receivers. It’s the personnel grouping the Patriots ran when they were firing on all cylinders during their Super Bowl-winning days. It creates matchup issues all over the field especially if you have two good, multi-skilled tight ends. Pitts accompanied by Mike Gesicki would do just that. Defenses would have to make their LBs or safties guard those guys but then you have Parker and Fuller on the outside or Fuller possibly inside stretching the field. Then, you can even check down to a Myles Gaskin or perhaps even a Najee Harris, if that’s what the Dolphins end up doing at #18.

You see, the amount of what you can get done on offense is only limited by your imagination. Good thing the Dolphins have two offensive coordinators giving them twice the amount of imagination and creativity to make that offense work.

I’m sure there will be a good amount of folks saying that Pitts can’t block. Guess what? He’s not going to the NFL because of his blocking. Deal with it.

But should the Dolphins actually take Pitts at #3? If the Dolphins trade back, something I think they will and should do, Pitts would more than likely not be around later in the top-ten. So #3, is probably where you would need to take Pitts.

I’ve contended for months that the logical choice for the Dolphins if they stay #3, is to take Penei Sewell. I know that’s not as fun as a receiver or a potential generational tight end, but I just feel the best thing that will help Tua is giving him more time to throw the ball. The Dolphin’s current receivers, not counting Fuller, have issues with getting separation. I think that would improve if Tua had more than 1.5 seconds to get the ball to them. Plus, adding Sewell to the offensive line makes the running game better. That also will help Tua and the whole team. Miami has a very good defense. A running game, giving them more time to catch their breath on the sidelines, and not relying on turnovers, will greatly help the other side of the ball.

Taking Pitts also makes the sting of the potential of Mike Gesicki walking next offseason, when he becomes a free agent, not as bad. I’d love if they somehow were able to keep both of them and maybe they would. Or, Gesicki refuses to sign the franchise tag and understands he can get around $10m+ on the open market.

I am not making my ultimate pick for who the Dolphins should draft at the moment. I want to wait until mid-April before I do that. I want some more information out there so that I can make the best pick I can make. I might stick with Sewell at #3, or I may go with Ja’marr Chase. He’s starting to really grow on me especially because I’m convinced Parker will be gone after this season.

If the Dolphins stay at #3 and take Kyle Pitts, the last thing I’ll be is upset. What I’ll do is convince myself that the Dolphin's offense can’t and won’t be stopped by any defense on Earth and they will make the Greatest Show on Turf Rams look like a freshmen football team. That’s what I’ll do because that’s what I’m programmed to do. I’m programmed to convince myself that my team made the right choice until I see it implode on Sundays.

With Pitts, it’s at least conceivable that the offense could be a juggernaut. Do you know who likes offensive juggernauts? Me, that’s who. But if the Dolphins decide they want to improve the offensive line and run the ball a bit more, or draft Chase or even Jaylen Waddle I’d be fine with that. What’s nice is that the Dolphins, for me anyway, can’t do much wrong with whatever they decide. Haven’t been able to say that in a while. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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