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It appears that Flores and Grier are comfortable with the Dolphins’ roster

I don’t think any of us wanted the Dolphins to act like the same old Dolphins of yesteryear and throw money at all the shiny, big-ticketed free agents that were out there. We’ve seen what happens for far too long when they, allegedly, win free agency. It mostly ended up in disappointment.

But we also didn’t want the Dolphins to treat this off-season as an opportunity to sit on their hands either. The Dolphins entered free agency around 8th in cap space and stayed pretty much the same after releasing Kyle Van Noy and trading Shaq Lawson for Benardrick McKinney. So, the thought was that the regime would add some key, important players while also being fiscally responsible. That’s truly what everyone wants.

Here’s a list of trades, Miami’s own free agents that left and free agents that the Dolphin’s have signed thus far;

Looking at the fellas that the Dolphins have brought in thus far, I think the word that comes to mind is depth. The Dolphins went out and signed a lot of depth. Michael Palardy seems like he’ll be the opening day starter, but nobody else on here is a guy who will start unless there’s an injury. And let's not act like injuries don’t happen. These guys that have been signed the last few days will at some point be asked to deliver and to do their jobs. I can easily see a world where we’re talking about Malcolm Brown coming in and having a few bruising TDs in a game or Justin Coleman making a key INT that seals a win. Every team needs guys like this.

It’s just that we can plainly see that the Dolphins have some glaring holes to fill, and we thought the administration would address it with a little more ferocity.

At the moment, we don’t have a center. For that matter, Ted Karras and Kyle Van Noy executed the circle of life plan and went back to New England. There’s quite a bit of talk that the Dolphins could end up signing David Andrews from the Patriots just so he can go back to New England in a year or two so that could be how that position could be filled. I know there is some chatter that the Dolphins have been training Michael Deiter like he was the Winter Soldier(I can’t wait for The Falcon and Winter Soldier to come out tomorrow) to be the new center. I suppose we’ll wait and see on that. If you see him with a metal arm, then yes, he’s the new center.

Then, out of nowhere, we see that the Raiders are weirdly looking to get rid of their Pro Bowl center Rodney Hudson. Alright, the Dolphins can get him and can probably get him without breaking the bank.

Just a 3rd and a 7th. That’s it. That’s all it took.

Okay, I can look past that. Nobody here was clamoring for Rodney Hudson two days ago, so we shouldn’t be that attached to that move though it would have filled a need and made the team better.

The move that happened that got me to near losing it levels as if someone threw a moon at me was Curtis Samuel. Samuel was one of the only guys I really wanted the Dolphins to sign. I don’t care if Lynn Bowden or Albert Wilson do similar things. They aren’t as good as Samuel. Also, there’s no rule against having multiple receivers do similar things. Do you think you can only have one jump ball guy, one possession guy, one underneath a guy, one YAC guy, and one-speed guy, and that’s it?

All-day yesterday we waited to see what receiver the Dolphins would sign that would help the development of Tua Tagovailoa. Yes, the Dolphins signed Robert Foster, but again that’s for depth purposes. Golladay was attached to the Dolphins, but I didn’t think the team would want to pay the price tag that it will take to get him. It seems like he’s headed to the Giants.

Samuel was there for the taking, and for a moment, it seemed like it was a real possibility. Then it happened.

I just don’t think that contract is that bad, and the Dolphins could have signed Samuel to that contract and still have room to acquire more depth and to sign their draft picks. I could be wrong, but it just feels like it could have been done.

I know Schuster and Fuller are still out there, and maybe that’s the direction they go in. Personally, I don’t love those guys, but maybe the regime does.

The draft is where it seems the Dolphins will be addressing their receiving needs. Whether they trade out of #3 or stay put, a receiver needs to be their chief priority. I don’t care how big Tua’s biceps get. He needs help and having Albert Wilson, and Allen Hurns’ return is not the kind of help that makes life that much easier.

The Dolphins have a very young roster; thus, they have a young core of guys they’re building. I like many of the players they’ve brought in and drafted over the past two seasons. Many of those guys are contributing at high levels. I think it’s obvious that Flores and Grier like how they’re handling the young guys and believe many of them will be taking the next step in years two and three of their careers.

We trust highly in Stone Cold Brian Flores and Grier to some extent that they know exactly what they’re doing. They did take a 5-11 team and then went 10-6, nearly making the playoffs. I just find it odd that at 5-11, they were able to attract free agents, but at 10-6, decent enough cap space, a changing culture, a head coach that I'm told everyone wants to play for, a young quarterback who’s putting in the work, draft capital, having the city of Miami to sell with no state tax you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to convince players to come there. I know it’s possible that the regime didn’t try that hard to get the players we wanted, but that puts a good amount of pressure on them to draft well. I hope they can.

At this point, I have no reason not to trust Flores, so that is what I’m going to continue to do. Enjoy your Thursday.

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