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Phinsider Question Of The Day 03/15/2021

Miami Dolphins v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Well here we are finally, the 2021 NFL league year has more or less kicked off today with the so-called “legal tampering” period. This is of course the two days before free agency officially begins in the NFL where teams can discuss contracts with free agents and their agents despite nothing being able to be official signed off on by the NFL league office until this coming Wednesday. This also includes any trades that have before now been agreed upon between the various NFL teams. The other thing about this time of the year is that everyone has an opinion and we all know what they say about opinions and, well how everyone has one... With this plethron of opinions being fired away daily at every fan base, including us Miami Dolphins fans there seems to be a million of them from the media and fan sites as to who the Dolphins should both target in free agency and the draft. What to actually do with some of those high draft picks, use them, or trade them for more? Then there is the Dolphins’ current roster/players under contract and the various questions of keep, cut, trade, extend or restructure various players based on if they will wind up being long-term answers or not at their perspective position.

So despite what I said about opinions things are a bit different here at the Phinsider. Opinions and respectful debate are what and always what has driven this site and is at the heart of why we have been so successful. Sure things get heated at times and we have all been guilty at one time or another of crossing a line that we later wish we had not crossed, including myself and other staff with the site because we are after all, like all of the other site members, just human, but then we all sort of manage to eventually sort it out and for the most part, get along. Many of us here feel as if we have a sort of online family here that has seen more than one site member reach out to others on the site resulting in in-person friendships and some even helping others out during certain hard times that we all will eventually face in our lifetime for one reason or another. I have seen some of the most selfless kindness in my life occur between two site members here at the Phinsider. We all come from different backgrounds, even if we grew up on the same block, and we all have different outlooks on the world and different beliefs but we all manage to come together over something as simple as football. Okay enough of the kumbaya moment, onto the actual question that I am getting to.

So in tonight’s version of Phinsider Question Of The Day is what is the one move that you have not seen discussed by either an author or member on this site or the rest of the media covering the Miami Dolphins, be it local or national media that you think the Dolphins should very seriously consider in their seemingly never-ending process of improving this team for now and in the future? It could even be a series of moves or a combination of moves that work together. Don’t be afraid to throw something out there that others might think is radical. Sometimes something that no one else would have ever thought of is exactly what a team needs to take that next step.

Not being a Dallas Cowboys fan but having lived in that area when Jimmy Johnson arrived on the scene saw the fan base of the Cowgirls haking their heads at his moves but in the end, his endeavors, no matter how unconventional or radical they seemed at the time resulted in a period for the Cowboys where they were one of the most dominant teams of all time for a period of time. Oh how long we Phins fans have waited for the same!!! Likewise please be respectful in replying to others based on their opinion. Remember, first off they are not the actual GM of the Dolphins so these ideas are nothing that any of us can implement ourselves so like always please do not lose your mind over another person's opinion when one person's opinion is just that, their opinion. A respectful debate can often result in a middle ground that neither even had thought of, to begin with, and maybe that’s when the real ah-ha moments occur.

So give us your radical or not radical idea/ideas below and don’t be afraid to be bold with your ideas. Lack of boldness had doomed many a professional sports franchise and business in general-

As this is a nightly post (when there is not a live game thread) also feel free to not only discuss the question/topic of the day but to use this as a live thread where the rules are pretty wide open, and you can discuss nearly anything so long as your continue to follow the site rules. Speaking of site rules the three rules that come with a zero-tolerance policy are that we do not allow ANY personal attacks against your fellow ‘Phins fan or even a troll from another site. Flag it and walk away, do not get yourself banned over another’s stupidity. Beyond that, there is no discussion or even references to anything remotely religious or political. There are plenty of sites for those discussions elsewhere but this is not and never will be one of them.