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Sunday Night Random Live Thread: I Am Just Too Tired To Think Edition!

Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets Photo by Joe Rimkus Jr./Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

I am not going to throw out the usual question of the day post today. Had a rough night and got no sleep with some issues with my 95-year-old grandmother that I and my wife care for. She is fine and all is good now but crazy things happen to you when you get that old. Needless to say, I have had zero sleep and my brain is shot so I will work on some more questions starting with tomorrow night’s post. So just come in, have a seat and shoot the breeze with the guys a while. If you are really nice Joe is normally serving cocktails!

Please use this thread tonight to discuss your week ahead or just discuss the happenings of your day or weekend or as always discussion of your Miami Dolphins is on the table. Please remember that despite this being a live thread and live threads being run a bit looser we still request that you continue to follow the site rules as you would in any other post on The Phinsider.