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These New Balance Dolphins Shoes are the Tops in Miami Dolphins Shoes

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Let's get a couple of clerical items out of the way. 1. You may have seen this picture on Reddit. I posted that image that you see now on Reddit two days ago. 2. I am not a rep for New Balance although that sounds like a sweet gig. The truth is I’ve been a New Balance guy for the last eight years or so. It’s been a sweet ride being a New Balance guy the last eight years although I did get accused of stealing someone else's “look when I was performing stand-up comedy once. Who knew that wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and a rocking pair of NBs was only meant for one person? Lastly, this blog is brought to you by Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

Say what you want about Founders and what they’ve done with the KBS franchise, but the original Kentucky Breakfast Stout was once one of the most sought-after brews to get at the Boston Extreme Beerfest. It’s phenomenal and the one I’m having is from last year and it's been thoroughly aging in my workshop.

But let's stay focused. This blog is about the beautiful shoes that I ordered from New Balance. I’ve been perusing the web for a long time looking for the perfect shoes that encapsulate the flair that is the Miami Dolphin’s colors while also being subtle enough that I can wear them out and not have everyone rolling their eyes at me for not just wearing a Dolphin’s shirt but also Dolphin’s shoes.

And that’s the thing, I didn’t want to ever wear Miami Dolphin’s themed shoes that have their logo caked on them. If that’s your thing, more power to you. But for me, I wanted a shoe that had the colors of the team I’d die for, but not the logo on them that 100% shoe-horns me in as a guy that strictly wears Dolphin’s stuff. Essentially, I wanted a shoe that had a bit of swag that didn’t insist on itself.

The number one aspect that ties this shoe together is the black base. Let’s face it, the Miami Dolphins colors are awesome but it’s very difficult for those colors to be the star(not my line, thanks awkwardalvin) of the show. They need a veteran to be the anchor and the black that wraps around them do just that.

It’s the subtleness and stealthiness of the orange and aqua that seals the deal. There are just enough of those vibrant colors in these kicks. These shoes let anyone who knows anything about the NFL recognize that you take your allegiance seriously but also that you have a sense of style. They really are the best of both worlds if those worlds were only fanatic and James Bond.

So if you’re in the market for a shoe that represents the Dolphins while also making the swag just drip off of you, these are the shoes for you.

Click it and live damn it. Have a sensational Saturday.

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