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Corey Linsley is the Packer I want the Dolphins to Sign in Free Agency


The current rage in Dolphin’s Twitter and overall internet landscape is that the Dolphins should pursue Green Bay Packer’s center, Corey Linsley. I must say that I am in full agreement with this. Corey Linsley would be an instant upgrade to a Dolphin’s offensive line that was, for the most part, average last year. So say no to Aaron Jones and make Corey Linsley the Packer of choice for Miami.

Linsley is 29 years old, meaning he has an outstanding amount of quality football ahead of him. Based on many reports on the net, the Packers seem to be parting ways with him.

Center is one of the positions that it seems like guys play for a ton of years longer than you would expect. Thinking in-house here, Tim Ruddy, my local hero, played nine seasons with the Dolphins. I realize that number doesn’t jump off the page, but with the way modern medicine and training is today, I think Linsley can play another seven years or more depending on injury if he wants to.

This past year, Linsley made his first All-Pro team, but surprisingly, he has never made the Pro-Bowl. All Pros are better, so keep on keeping on, Corey.

I know Pro Football Focus catches heat for their player evaluations at times, but they had Corey Linsley ranked pretty high for what it's worth.

Center is a position that I feel we all can agree on that is one of the more important positions in football. The old saying of “they touch the ball every play” that gets said a thousand times on all the network shows is actually true, though that doesn’t make it any less annoying to hear. But the position doesn’t get paid like the well though of positions like edge rusher and tackle even though the center is typically the guy making all the line calls at the line of scrimmage, which is a rather important role. Ryan Kelly, the center for the Colts, is the leader in the clubhouse in terms of the highest contract for a center. In fact, his contract is the most for a center that has ever been given out. Here are the top six contracts for centers in the league.

No matter where Corey Linsley signs, you have to think that he will become the top-dog in terms of wealthiest center in the league. But since the position is a critical one and that it could be solidified for the next five years, I think the Dolphins should be doing everything they can to sign him.

This would mean that Ted Karras would be out. I didn’t mind Karras, but there were times where he completely whiffed, and the quarterback was toast. I know it happens from time to time. It just doesn’t happen too often to Corey Linsley. Since Linsley entered the league as a 5th round pick in 2014, he has only given up a whopping 12 sacks on 6,253 snaps, and that includes the post-season. This past year, Linsley set a career-high in pressure rate.

Karras is also a free agent looking to get paid as one of the top centers in the game. He had a nice year for the Dolphins. I think that Linsley is better, and for a little bit more would be an upgrade. Miami runs a zone-blocking scheme, similar to what Green Bay does, and having a versatile center is paramount in that scheme. Also, he did great at protecting Aaron Rodgers, so I think he’ll be a stud blocking for whoever is the signal-caller for the Dolphins next year. Have a great Thursday.

By the Way- Would it be too much to ask to have someone with the necessary skills to make a Corey Linsley in a Dolphin’s jersey picture? I really don’t think so.

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