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Brian Flores and Chris Grier do not Care what DeVonta Smith said About Taking Jones over Tua

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This is why the NFL is king. Because even during the offseason, the NFL never stops pumping out nuggets for all of us to turn into content. The latest episode of the How the Dolphin’s quarterback Situation Turns features current Heisman winner, DeVonta Smith, allegedly telling a team at the Senior Bowl who he preferred between Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones. According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated...

the most interesting anecdote I could possibly give you on him from that week in Mobile comes from his Heisman Trophy winning receiver DeVonta Smith. One team asked Smith, point blank: Tua Tagovailoa or Jones? The question was barely finished before Smith answered: Mac Jones.

Albert Breer is excellent in his coverage. So, I have no doubt that this is true. Honestly, why should this matter if you’re a Dolphin fan? Do you really think the Dolphins are going to draft Mac Jones? Or this piece of information is a real decider on if the Dolphins should have drafted Tua? Who gives a rip if DeVonta Smith preferred Mac Jones over Tua? I think I would say the quarterback who helped get the ball to me, thus being a huge part of why I won the Heisman, which is going to lead to me being a top-six pick instead of a mid-round or later pick, is the right play here. Yeah, it’s a pretty easy choice that Smith chose Mac Jones over Tua if you think about it for a few seconds.

You can also, just about, write it in permanent marker that Stone Cold Brian Flores, Chris Grier, and the rest of the brass in Miami collectively did this when they heard this story. Yes, I think they heard of this story today.

Now let's just throw it out there. I can’t 100% definitively say without a shadow of a doubt that the Dolphin’s management doesn’t care in the slightest. I’m a blogger from Scranton, PA. But using superior context clues, I think we can come to the conclusion that Flores and the gang barely blinked when they heard this. Those precious context clues are Flores and company having made bold moves, moves that only a select few in the sport have ever had the stones to do, and they’ve only been doing this for two seasons.

When they traded Minkah, Tunsil, and Stills which put in motion the tanking season of 2020 to benching Fitzpatrick after he lit up the 49ers for Tua. Do you really think they don’t know the backlash they’re about to get when pulling off moves like these and how the media will react to those kinds of moves? They do, and they couldn’t care less.

With those ever-important context clues laid out for you, do you think Stone Cold Brian Flores, who was ready to destroy the entire Bengal’s football team, is going to start thinking any different because one of Tua’s teammate in college said he’d prefer the quarterback that took him to another level? I’m going to go out on that extremely sturdy limb and say no. Flores thinks the same now as he did yesterday. This story will have zero barring on if the Dolphins decide to draft Smith at #3 or not. I’m pretty sure his film, how he fits in their offense, and how he does in their own personal interviews, interviewers that I’m sure they had with him at the Senior Bowl, will matter much more than this anecdote. Call me nuts for thinking that if you’d like.

I would have to imagine the recently jacked Tua doesn’t even care that Smith would say this. Again, Mac Jones is a huge reason why Smith is regarded the way he is. A reasonable person, as I think Tua is, understands how the game is played.

This is only the beginning of leaked interview questions to get out. We didn’t get to the combine or whatever the combine is going to look like in a few weeks. Those will surely entertain us with wild questions and answers getting out, and this year, due to that pesky pandemic, we might even get some of these questions with live audio due to some of them happening over Zoom. That’ll be fun to comb through. I hope Jeff Ireland knows how to not record his meetings, for his sake. Have a great rest of your Monday.

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