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Dolphins ‘expect to be in the mix’ for Deshaun Watson

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

You had to know another Deshaun Watson article was coming soon, right? The speculation that the Miami Dolphins would make a run at Watson, the disgruntled Houston Texans quarterback, continues to bubble just below the surface of the Dolphins’ offseason plans. With Houston having released edge rusher J.J. Watt, the dismantling of the Texans has continued this offseason, which likely only increases Watson’s desires to be traded.

The Texans have not opened the trade market for their quarterback, and are believed to be hoping they can work out the issues that have led to Watson wanting to get away from the team that selected 12th overall in 2017. If they do get to the point that they are willing to part ways with their quarterback, Miami has long been discussed as a potential landing place. The Dolphins have two first-round picks this year, including the third-overall selection they received from the Texans in exchange for tackle Laremy Tunsil, and could put together a package to entice the Texans, while being considered one of the top places Watson would want to play.

While the Dolphins have not admitted any desire to pursue Watson, it appears they are talking about it behind closed doors. The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported Friday, “a high-ranking team official has told at least one outsider that the Dolphins expect to be in the mix to acquire Watson if the Texans make him available (which they have not, to this point).”

He also stresses, “Let’s also make clear that Houston continues to tell teams that they’re not trading Watson, though some in the league expect that to change if he doesn’t report.”

The Dolphins have publically backed second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, selected fifth-overall less than a year ago in the NFL Draft. Watson suddenly becoming available will force Miami to consider the possibility of moving forward without Tagovailoa. The price to obtain Watson could outprice the Dolphins, but the prize of adding him could make them pay whatever it takes.

Miami could also still look toward the potential of Tagovailoa and decide to use their multiple first-round picks to build around him rather than using those picks to add Waston.

There is a lot of speculation and supposition when it comes to what will happen with Miami and with Watson this offseason. But it seems that the Dolphins are at least expecting to be at the table if Houston ever begins taking offers for their quarterback.