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No, the Dolphins should NOT cut Albert Wilson

In my opinion, of course.

Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Yesterday was Curtis Samuel day here at The Phinsider.

First, Sern wrote this impeccable article on why he believes 24-year-old Curtis Samuel to be the perfect fit in Miami. And then I went ahead and posted two cut-ups on Twitter—reminding everyone what type of talent Samuel was—and how perfect the fit would be in StudGod’s offense.

But this isn’t about Samuel or whether or not the Dolphins will be in the running for his services. No, this is about Miami’s current stable of wide receivers. One that was missing two marquee names in 2020. Allen Hurns and Albert Wilson.

Now some may laugh, but was it not Chris Grier and Brian Flores that rewarded Hurns with a 2-year, $8-million extension? Typing that out, I now realize it’s probably not nearly as big of a deal as some may think. And he could very well be a cap casualty this offseason.

The same could be said for Albert Wilson. The 28-year-old wide receiver will cost $3-million in 2021—but rumors of his departure have already started.

Here’s a rumor from an account no one has ever heard of.

Now, I’m not saying the Dolphins won’t cut Wilson. Smart money would say otherwise. But personally, I don’t get it. I mean, I get tweeting out a bunch of made-up rumors, knowing darn well one will eventually come true. But what I don’t get is for a team in dire need of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, why move on from Wilson now?

In 2019, Wilson caught 43 passes for 351 yards and a touchdown. Those stats aren’t jaw-dropping, but those 43 receptions are more than Jakeem Grant has ever had in a single season.

I might also be unable to get that 2018 season out of my head, but who can blame me?

Albert Wilson looked unstoppable at times, high-fiving Jakeem Grant on his way to the end zone or singlehandedly defeating the Chicago Bears. I remember that Albert Wilson and right or wrong; I think he deserves another chance to prove that he is the guy I still believe he can be.

I’m sure shortly after I finish this article, the news will break of Wilson’s release. But for now, this is the stance I’m going to take.

Should the Dolphins acquire a high-profile wide receiver in free agency, I understand they may cut ties with Wilson to save the money. That’s business. That makes sense.

But for a team that struggled in 2020 to create splash plays, to create any explosion offensively, a guy like Albert Wilson could change everything.

He can create separation. He can create yards after the catch. And he can change a game.

A fully-healthy Albert Wilson, alongside DeVante Parker, Preston Williams, Lynn Bowden Jr. and let’s say, Ja’Maar Chase—while adding a guy like Demetric Felton (i have a crush) on day two? Oh, and maybe insert cheap FA WR’s name here.

Then draft Najee Harris or JaVonte Williams to pair alongside Myles Gaskin/Salvon Ahmed/Patrick Laird?!?!

And let’s not forget the Dolphins' current trio of tight ends: Gesicki/Smythe/Shaheen.

The point is if the plan is to surround Tua Tagovailoa with the best talent money and draft picks can buy, cutting ties with a playmaking wide receiver like Wilson to save mere pennies in today’s NFL seems counterproductive.

Wilson should be a Dolphin in 2021 and get one last chance to prove he can be that game-changing wide receiver we all fell in love with two seasons ago.


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