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Tuesday Night Live Thread - Snowed In Edition 02/16/2021

Detroit Lions v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Good evening and salutations Phinsider community. Our beloved James McKinney is incapacitated at the moment as he is without power due to the wonderful weather he and many others are experiencing in Texas. Stay safe out there everyone.

As this is a nightly post (when there is not a live game thread) use this as a live thread where the rules are pretty wide open, and you can discuss nearly anything so long as your continue to follow the site rules. Speaking of site rules the three rules that come with a zero-tolerance policy are that we do not allow ANY personal attacks against your fellow ‘Phins fan or even a troll from another site. Flag it and walk away, do not get yourself banned over another’s stupidity. Beyond that, there is no discussion or even references to anything remotely religious or political. There are plenty of sites for those discussions elsewhere but this is not and never will be one of them.