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This Gronk to the Dolphins Take is Reaching Quasar Level in its Hotness

Houtz mentioned last week that we are in mock draft season, and he couldn’t be more right. Everyone and their long lost stepbrother are dealing with the NFL offseason, lack of football, and general lack of ability to do much by creating their own versions of their team’s draft. But, not only is it mock draft season it is also NFL offseason hot take season. I realize that NFL hot take season doesn’t have an offseason but with all the speculation of all the potential and likely player movement that will be happening this time of year is especially special when it comes to coming up with a boiling hot, face-melting hot take and getting it out for the masses to pontificate about it.

Rob Ninkovitch on today’s exhilarating and thought-provoking episode of the very clever show, Get Up, laid down a hot take that has put aliens, inter-dimensional beings, and time travelers on notice.

Simply unbelievable. Not only did he say that the Miami Dolphins will be employing Deshaun Watson, which actually could happen regardless of what all the coaches and insiders say. But he suggested Rob Gronkowski would leave Tom Brady (the guy who he came out of retirement for) and the Tampa Buccaneers (who just won the Super Bowl) to go to the Dolphins.

Holy hell, Rob, it’s only mid-February. There are still two months until the draft. How are you ever going to keep this blistering pace up? Not sure he could but it’s safe to say that Greeny is loving it.

That’s the nature of the Hot Take. It doesn’t have to be remotely possible it just has to fascinate the likes of the Mike Greenbergs of the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rob bought himself a few extra days of TV time this week to discuss his take.

As for the hot take itself. No. Rob Gronkowski will not be leaving Tampa and Brady to play in Miami because he has a house in Miami. I don’t have an “in” or an Inn with Gronk but I do know that he and Brady have a pretty tight nit relationship. I don’t think I’m breaking any ground with that. He isn’t going to leave that after doing what he just did with him and the Bucs so that he could catch passes from Watson or Tua, who are guys who are lesser when it matters than Brady, all because his commute is shorter.

I know it’s early in the NFL offseason but make sure you are all pacing yourselves when consuming your content. You don’t want to have a hot take overload because the takes are flowing like the river of slime in Ghost Busters 2. Take breaks, stand in your yard, play on-line poker, consume quality beverages, or do whatever you that isn’t being inundated with NFL takes, and keep your intake of hot takes to a respectful level. I know you could do it, but you got to want to do it. Now go and do it.

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