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Kyle Van Noy said the smartest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say about anything

I’ve heard some incredibly intelligent, lucid things before. But, I have never heard anyone say anything as smart as what Kyle Van Noy said about playing for Brian Flores for a second year with all the rookies from last year. Prepare your ears for the smartest thing ever said about anything:

I know what you’re thinking and yes...

We knew that KVN was an extremely intelligent guy on the field, but we haven’t heard him craft as genius of a train of thought as what he did during this 2:09 with Pat McAfee.

I mean, think about it. The Dolphins ended the 2019 year as the youngest team in the league and then entered the 2020 season as the 2nd youngest team in the league. Miami drafted 11 players in last year’s draft, released Curtis Weaver, and traded for Lynn Bowden Jr. Outside of Jason Strowbridge, everyone either started or played real-deal snaps.

What Van Noy is saying is that it’s really hard for rookies to come in and succeed in the NFL, especially when there isn’t a real offseason. That just makes good sense. Rookies aren’t expected to be leaders of already existing football teams, and they aren’t expected to carry football teams.

Yes, there are some rookies that play better in their rookie season compared to others. Justin Herbert, Justin Jefferson, and others played out of their minds. Those guys are probably going to be really good for years. That’s great for them.

It would have been awesome if all of Miami’s rookies played lights out, put up All-Pro level stats, and won the Super Bowl. None of that happened, but Miami’s rookies, mostly, played well. The majority of them played in such a way as to give us encouragement that they have a great chance to take the next step in year two. At least that’s what KVN said in the video.

With all these rookies, the Dolphins still doubled their win total from last season. To me, that’s pretty good. Is it how we wanted it to end? Of course not. But nobody had this team being as successful as they were this year. Can you imagine how much worse Dolphins Twitter and forums would be if the Dolphins only won seven games? I shudder to think of it.

Ultimately, maybe take the approach KVN is taking and let the young guys have an opportunity to get better. I don’t know, perhaps giving rookies at least two years to show if they can consistently get the job done is the right way to go about it? I know that might be some real inflammatory rhetoric. But just give it a try.

Have yourselves a very solid long weekend.

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