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Everybody do the Waddle!

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Gloria Estefan once told us all that the rhythm is going to get us. When it comes to South Florida football, it appears that is absolutely true. Over the past few weeks, Christian Wilkins has been in the endzone doing the worm and Jaylen Waddle has scored then...well...waddled.

Because what else would you have as your signature celebration when your last name is Waddle?

Our friends over at BreakingT Company have once again caught the rhythm that is Miami lately. After creating a shirt recognizing Wilkins’ endzone dance, they have doubled down and now have a Waddle shirt celebrating his waddle.

Licensed by the NFL Players Association, the shirt comes in both t-shirt and hoodie versions. You can check them out using the product card below, or you can head over to to see them as well as all of the recent Miami-based shirts, including Wilkins’ worm shirt.

The most important question is...will something happen this weekend to keep the dance-theme going in South Florida?

Everybody do the Waddle

  • $32

What else is Jaylen Waddle supposed to do after scoring touchdowns? 

Officially licensed product of the National Football League Players Association.

Adult T-Shirt: Super-comfortable, cotton/poly-blended crewneck in heather charcoal. Unisex sizing with a snug fit. S-3XL

Hoodie: Premium cotton/poly blended-fleece in charcoal. Drawcord in charcoal. Front pouch pocket. Unisex sizing. S-3XL

Youth T-Shirt: Super-comfortable, cotton/poly-blended tee in charcoal. Unisex sizing. S=6/7, M=8, L=10/12

Designed by Athlete Logos.

Screened in the USA.