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The Phinsider Perspective: A podcast look at Pro Bowl, Dolphins vs. Saints, and playoffs

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

There was one off-day between the end of Week 15 and the start of Week 16 during the 2021 NFL season after the league was forced to reschedule two games to Tuesday night. During that Wednesday down day, it was time to record the latest edition of The Phinsider Perspective.

You can find the show below, or on any podcast service out there. This week, Kevin Nogle takes a look at the selection of Xavien Howard to the 2022 Pro Bowl, as well as some of the other Miami Dolphins players who could be alternates for the game. He then takes a look at the Monday Night Football matchup between the Dolphins and the New Orleans Saints in Week 16, as well as the Dolphins’ playoff chances.

Feel free to let us know what you think of the show or provide any suggestions. We are still early in the evolution of The Phinsider Perspective, and this show is supposed to be a quick-hit update of things going on with the Dolphins, along with some thoughts Nogle is having. If there are things you would like him to cover, let us know.

Nogle is also looking to add a mailbag segment to the show, so if you have questions you would like him to answer, hit Twitter and use #AskPhinsider to get your question into the show.

Make sure you follow the show wherever you get your podcasts. Along with The Phinsider Perspective, a follow will also bring you Phinsider Radio/The Jake and Josh Show and The BlowHole, two other shows under the Phinsider Radio Network with two different sounds and views of the Dolphins. It is like a holiday sale, with three for the price of free.