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Wednesday Evening Phinsider Question Of The Day

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

I would first like to start tonight’s post by pointing out that I have somehow managed to get the day of the week correct. It was a tough fight but I have woken back up after a few days of what seemed like mostly just eating, sleeping, and watching football.

Tonight’s post will actually be a follow-up to last evening’s post where I asked the question about our Miami Dolphins-

“During this current winning streak, which is now up to four games, what individual player has surprised you. By surprised, I mean what player has either started to play to the level you have always expected or maybe even surpassed it. It doesn’t have to be a rookie but for the most part, what we have from the prior three drafts “should” be the foundation of this team going forward for many years”.

So tonight we go with the same premise only I want to know which player, during this win streak or even for this entire season thus far, has been the most disappointing to you? By disappointing, I mean a guy that you thought would have developed more by this point or at least would have much better overall production by this point in year (fill in the blank).

Give us your thoughts below and let the debate begin...