Local game knowledge help (Please)

Hi Guys

Am obviously not picking the best season, but being from England I have never managed to go to a home game in Miami so going to come over for the weekend just to see the Ravens game. A long way to come for a weekend but have been a fan for 40 years and been to all the London games but am looking forward to being around at least a few more 'pins fans for a game.

Myself and girlfriend coming over, but probably just me going to the actual game on Thursday (don't land until Thursday afternoon so won't be kicking off until about 1.30 in the morning body clock time).

To tell you the truth, really looking forward to my first tailgate but really don't know how it all works (yeah, I know that might sound odd). I guess if you are driving you can just turn up and do your own thing, but as a single bloke (who will probably be getting an uber there and hopefully back to south beach area) is it just going to be a case of walking around trying to chat with people - do I take my own beers with me (not sure if I can buy any?). We just don't have anything like this in the UK so not sure what to expect. I love talking all things dolphin so am sure I should be able to find some friendly folk to chat with!

Not sure if many on here get to go to the games, I think a few do, but any good places to meet up with people before or should I just get around the tailgate.

Not bought tickets yet - will get one on the Dolphin side but any area it would be worth looking for? I like some atmosphere if there is any, so the more into the game people are the better. Are certain sections of the ground known for it?

Any tips on getting out - back to downtown / beach late at night? I think there is a Uber pick up lot so I guess I can work that out.

Finally, I do have 2 other days / nights in Miami before heading back - anything I haven't read in all the travel guides about things I should not miss?

Thanks for any tips though - like I say, not picked a great one but really want to try and at least make the most out of the experience even if I have pretty low expectations for the actual game.



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